​Difference between Saloon Doors and French Doors

​Difference between Saloon Doors and French Doors

On 30th Aug 2021

Difference between Saloon Doors and French Doors

There are many styles to consider when you are adding or replacing a door in your home or office. French doors are one style to think about. French doors are full length doors with glass inserts and can be used as interior or exterior doors. French Doors will add a classic look to your over all design. Many people love the look of French doors but hate the need for pulling the doors closed and latching. Saloon doors are easy to install and give a very similar look to French doors but have the convenience of self-closing hinges. Saloon doors do not need to have a new jamb installed and can be installed into an existing opening with only minor changes required. French doors would need to be installed with a jamb, normally you need to install a whole new jamb and casing for the doors.

Saloon doors are continuing to gain in popularity. These saloon style doors can be designed with modern contemporary designs; traditional, shaker panels, raised panels, spindles, slats and even glass. Saloon doors are no longer the typical western bar doors. Saloon doors offer some advances over a traditional door. The space a double set of saloon doors requires to swing is smaller than a traditional single door. The installation can be DIY. Saloon doors can be completely customized to your door opening size, height, and hardware requirement. Saloon doors are installed with double action, self-returning hinges. These hinges will allow the doors to swing in both direction and self-return to center.

French doors are a classic traditional door design, that continues to be popular today. Interior French doors are normally installed into wide opening that will give a grand entrance. The doors are always full length and are required to be installed with a new jamb and molding. The doors use single action hinges that allow the doors to swing in one direction, normally 180 degrees. These hinges are a standard butt hinge that are mounted to the door jamb. French doors do include glass and some mullions. French doors will come in standard sizes and so you will need to fit the door opening to one of the standard door sizes available.

If you are deciding on a new door option, be sure to check out modern door designs and traditional door designs. There are some options that will give the look of French doors but also have the convenience of the double action hinges. These French style doors have a solid full length plexiglass panel in the doors. The plexiglass can be frosted or clear. These beautiful, designed saloon style doors will be a center piece of any room. The doors can be fully customized to your door opening size, height, hardware finishes and several wood options are available.

Here is a quick look at the Difference of Saloon Doors vs Traditional French Doors

Saloon Doors

  • Different height options
  • Easier to install (no new jamb required)
  • Customization available
  • Self-returning hinges
  • Double action hinges

French Doors

  • New door frame/ jamb will need to be installed
  • Full length doors only
  • No self-returning hinges
  • Single action hinges
  • Simple door designs