​How to Design a Beautiful and Luxurious Guest Suite

​How to Design a Beautiful and Luxurious Guest Suite

Posted by Amanda On 29th Jul 2021

How to Design a Beautiful and Luxurious Guest Suite

How to Design a Beautiful and Luxurious Guest Suite

Your guests deserve to rest in comfort and pleasure when they come to visit. Here are some tips to designing a brilliant guest suite.

Americans clearly care about decoration. In fact, over 70 percent of all Americans say that they're planning on redecorating this year. But how many people think about the design of their guest suite?

We understand why you might have forgotten about guest suite design. We just went through a global pandemic, after all, so you probably haven't been having guests over for while. But with the world opening back up, it's going to become important again to make sure that your guest suite is in top shape.

But how do you design a great guest suite? This article will walk you through all you need to know about designing the perfect room for when guests come over.

Figure Out the Furniture

When you're designing a room, it's always best to start with the furniture. While it's nice to paint the walls and watch all of the colors come together, it's much easier to choose your paint after your furniture than it is to buy furniture based on a color of paint. (Obviously, keep your color palette in the back of your mind.)


While some people like beds that are extremely hard or absurdly soft, most people are going to appreciate a down-the-middle approach. (That's a good tip for designing a guest room in general, take the middle road.)

Make sure you choose pillows that fit with whatever color scheme you're going for. However, always prioritize comfort over aesthetics. You're trying to please your guest, after all, not give them a crick in the neck — which would surely make breakfast awkward.

A Couch / Chair

If you have the room, consider investing in a small chair or couch for your guest to sit on. After a long day of adventuring with you, they might want some private space where they can relax, read a book, or call someone on their cellphone.

Artwork / Posters

To really make your guest feel like they're at home, put some artwork or posters up on the wall. This will ensure that they don't feel like they're sleeping in an abandoned house. It's very easy to forget about the walls of your guest room if you never go in there, but an empty wall can feel uncomfortable when you're trying to get to sleep at night.

For artwork, we recommend something relatively modest and abstract. For posters, try something that pertains to a relatively ubiquitous figure, like The Beatles or Shakespeare.

Interior Doors

If you have a bathroom or closet in your guest suite and want an easy solution for an accessible and easy to install door, consider double swinging doors or saloon doors. These doors are easy to install and come in a vareity of design options. You can make the closet into a mini office or an easy accessible storage area for suitcases. There are many options for saloon doors out there. They'll offer levels of comfort, aesthetic, and class that most people won't be expecting when they step into a guest suite.

Get the Color Palette Going

Now that you have all of your furniture in place, you can start thinking about a color palette. Address some of the basics of color theory, and start thinking like a painter or a director of a movie.

Often, it's best to build your room around 1 or 2 main colors. This doesn't mean you need to go completely monochrome or bichrome, however. Pick two colors that work nicely with each other, and find other colors that help bring them out.

If you have more boldly colored furniture, we recommend you go for a more sharp and modernist look. You can even play with opposites, creating harmony out of two colors that are very different from each other.

However, if your furniture is more subdued, it might be best to go with a color scheme that's a bit more subtle. Staying with shades of brown, grey, and tan could be a great way to keep anyone at ease.

Consider Undertones

Color goes beyond what you see at the surface. This is why it's important to pick specific shades of colors, and not settle for whatever shade of blue.

Undertones are either cool or warm. Cool undertones are associated with colors such as blue and green. Warm colors are associated with colors such as red and yellow.

This is why it's possible to pick a shade of blue that doesn't look nice with other blue-adjacent colors around it. If that specific shade of blue has warm undertones, it won't work well with most other shades of blue, but instead should work as an accent in a warmer room.

Consider Light

Any painter knows that light and color are intrinsically linked. A room that receives more light is going to have warmer undertones. Cooler colors in a room like this might look drab and washed out.

For this reason, it's important to take home a swathe of paint that's as large as possible and test it out on your wall. See the way that the paint changes depending on the time of day. A color that looks good during the day might actually look bad at night.

Design a Wonderful Guest Suite

Americans clearly care about home design. However, too many of them don't think about the design of their guest suite.

The two most important things to consider when you're designing a suite for guests are the furniture and the color. It's tough to predict what other people are going to like, but if you can get these elements of aesthetics right, you're far more likely to please your guest.

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