Top 6 Interior Door Styles: From French to Swinging, Pantry to Kitchen Doors

Posted by Amanda On 20th Jun 2024

Top 6 Interior Door Styles: From French to Swinging, Pantry to Kitchen Doors

A door is not just a functional element in a home, it can also greatly enhance the overall aesthetic and charm of a space. When it comes to interior doors, there are endless possibilities in terms of design and style.

In this article, we will explore the top 6 interior door styles that are popular among homeowners for their functionality and visual appeal. From French doors to swinging doors, pantry doors to kitchen doors, we'll cover all the different types of interior doors that can elevate your home's interiors.

What is an Interior Door?

An interior door is a type of door that is used to separate rooms and spaces within a home. Unlike exterior doors, which are designed for security and weather protection, interior doors serve more as a means of privacy and division between different areas in the house.

Interior doors come in various styles, materials, and sizes to suit different needs and preferences. They can be made from wood, glass, or a combination of both, depending on the desired functionality and design aesthetic.

Furthermore, interior doors not only serve as functional dividers but also add to the overall style and character of a room. They can be customized with different finishes, hardware, and designs to complement the existing decor of your home.

Plus, with the latest advancements in technology and design, interior doors now offer features such as sound insulation, fire resistance, and even smart locking systems.

Top 6 Interior Door Styles

Living room door

Now we have a general understanding of what interior doors are, let's dive into the top 6 door styles that are making waves in the world of home design.

French Doors

French doors are a timeless classic known for their elegance and sophistication. Characterized by their glass panes that run along most of the door's length, they let ample light flow between rooms, creating a sense of openness and continuity. These doors are typically hinged in pairs that swing either inward or outward, making them a versatile choice for various interior spaces.

Ideal for living rooms, dining areas, or home offices, French doors can serve as a stunning focal point while maintaining functionality. They come in various styles, from traditional designs with ornate mullions to sleek, contemporary models with minimal framing. Additionally, French doors can be customized with different glass types, including frosted or tinted options, to ensure privacy without compromising on style.

Whether you're looking to make a dramatic statement or simply allow more light to penetrate your interiors, French doors offer a perfect blend of form and function. Their classic appeal ensures they'll never go out of style, making them a wise investment for any home. The versatility and timeless charm of French doors make them a top choice for interior door style.

Swinging Doors

Swinging doors, also known as hinged or traditional doors, are the most common type of interior door found in homes. They are affixed to the frame by hinges on one side and typically open inward. These doors come in various materials, from solid wood to hollow-core options, making them suitable for all budgets.

One of the main reasons why swinging doors remain popular is their versatility. They can be used for different purposes such as room dividers, closet or pantry doors, or even as entrance doors to bedrooms and bathrooms. Additionally, they offer ease of operation and close securely without any additional mechanisms.

Swinging doors also come in a variety of designs and finishes, allowing homeowners to choose one that complements their home's overall style. From simple panel designs to more intricate options with glass inserts, there is a swinging door for every interior.

In terms of functionality, swinging doors are perfect for high-traffic areas as they allow for easy movement between rooms. They also provide better sound insulation compared to other door styles, making them an excellent choice for bedrooms or home offices.

From traditional to contemporary homes, swinging doors offer timeless appeal and practicality, making them a top pick among interior door styles.

Pantry Doors

Pantry doors are becoming increasingly popular in modern homes as they add both function and style to a space that is often overlooked. Similar to French doors, pantry doors feature glass panels that allow for visibility and light flow. They can be installed as single or double doors, depending on the size of your pantry.

One of the main advantages of pantry doors is their ability to create an open and airy feel in a small space. With glass panes, they add visual interest while still keeping the contents of your pantry hidden from view. Plus, they come with various design options such as frosted or patterned glass to add a decorative touch.

Pantry doors can be made from different materials such as wood, metal, or even reclaimed barn wood for a rustic look. They are also available in different styles, including traditional swinging doors or more modern sliding options. Whichever design you choose, pantry doors are a functional and stylish addition to any kitchen or dining area.

With the rise of open-concept living spaces, pantries have become an essential part of modern homes. And with the right door style, your pantry can not only be practical but also a beautiful feature in your home's interiors.

Closet Doors

Closet doors may seem like a simple and utilitarian element in a home, but with the right design, they can make a significant impact on a room's overall look and feel. From mirrored panels to sleek sliding mechanisms, closet doors come in various styles to complement different interior designs.

One of the popular choices for closet doors is bi-fold doors that fold in the middle and open outwards. This design is ideal for smaller spaces as it doesn't take up much room when opened. Another option is pocket doors that slide into a hidden wall cavity, allowing for full access to the closet.

Aside from functionality, closet doors can also add visual interest and reflect more light into a room. Mirrored closet doors are an excellent choice for rooms with limited natural light as they give an illusion of space and brightness. They are also available in different frame styles, from traditional wood to modern metal options, giving you plenty of customization possibilities.

Kitchen Doors

Kitchen doors serve both practical and aesthetic purposes in a home. They not only provide access to your kitchen but also add style and character to the space. When it comes to kitchen door styles, there are plenty of options to choose from, depending on your needs and preferences.

For traditional kitchens, solid wood swinging doors can add warmth and charm. These doors come in various finishes and designs, from classic paneling to more intricate details such as raised panels or beadboard. For a more modern look, sleek flat-panel doors made of materials like glass or metal can create a clean and minimalist aesthetic.

Aside from material and design considerations, the type of door opening is also essential for kitchen doors. For smaller kitchens with limited floor space, sliding pocket doors or bi-fold doors are practical options as they don't require extra space to open. On the other hand, if you have a spacious kitchen, swinging or French doors can add a touch of elegance and grandeur.

Pocket Doors

Pocket doors are a popular choice for interior door styles and for good reason. They offer practicality and versatility while also allowing for a seamless flow between rooms. Pocket doors slide into a hidden wall cavity, making them ideal for areas with limited space or where traditional swinging doors may be inconvenient.

One of the main benefits of pocket doors is their ability to save space. Since they don't require any floor space to open, they can be installed in tight areas such as small bathrooms or closets without taking up valuable square footage. This makes them an excellent option for maximizing space in smaller homes or apartments.

Additionally, pocket doors come in various designs and materials to suit different interior styles. From rustic wood options to modern glass panels, there is a pocket door for every home. They also provide better sound insulation compared to swinging doors, making them an ideal choice for rooms that require privacy or need to block out noise.

So these are just some of the interior door styles that can add both function and style to your home. With a wide range of design options available, you can choose the perfect doors to complement your home's interiors. Whether it's for privacy, sound insulation or simply to enhance the overall look of a room, there is a door style that will meet your needs.

How To Choose The Perfect Interior Door Style

Interior Door

With so many interior door styles to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide on the perfect one for your home. However, with a few key considerations, you can narrow down your options and find the right door style that will not only enhance the aesthetics of your space but also meet your functional needs.

Firstly, consider the overall design aesthetic of your home. If you have a traditional or rustic style, opt for classic doors with intricate details and warm wood finishes. For modern homes, sleek and minimalistic designs would work best.

Next, think about the purpose of the room where the door will be installed. For example, if privacy is important, opt for solid doors instead of glass ones. If sound insulation is a priority, look for doors with better acoustic properties such as solid-core doors.

Another factor to consider is the space available for the door to swing open. In smaller rooms, pocket or sliding doors are more practical as they don't take up floor space when opened. For larger areas, swinging or French doors can add a touch of elegance and grandeur.

Lastly, don't be afraid to get creative with your door choices. You can mix and match different styles or materials to create a unique and personalized look for your home. With these tips in mind, you can confidently choose the perfect interior door style that will elevate both the function and design of your living spaces.

Is It Worth Investing In Custom Interior Doors?

When it comes to interior door styles, pre-made options from home improvement stores may seem like the more convenient and cost-effective choice. However, investing in custom doors can bring many benefits that outweigh the initial price tag.

Firstly, custom interior doors can be tailored to fit any size or shape of the doorway. This is especially useful for older homes with non-standard door sizes or unique architectural features. With custom doors, you won't have to compromise on design or functionality due to limited sizing options.

Moreover, custom doors offer a greater level of customization when it comes to materials and finishes. You can choose from a wide range of high-quality woods, glass types, and hardware options to create a truly personalized and one-of-a-kind door for your home.

Additionally, custom doors are built to last. They are typically made with durable materials and superior craftsmanship, ensuring long-term durability and performance. This can save you money in the long run as you won't have to replace them as frequently compared to pre-made doors.


How do frosted glass doors add to the aesthetics of interior doors?

Frosted glass doors add a modern and sophisticated touch to interior doors, offering privacy while still allowing light to permeate between rooms. Unlike traditional doors, frosted glass provides a visually intriguing element with its semi-opaque finish, making it a popular choice for spaces like bathrooms and offices where privacy and light are both valued.

What are the benefits of choosing solid wood doors over hollow core doors?

Choosing interior doors made from solid wood rather than hollow core doors offers several benefits. Solid wood doors are more durable and provide better sound insulation. They also add a rich, high-quality look to your interior decor. Unlike hollow core doors, which are lighter and may not withstand wear and tear as well, solid wood door can last for decades with proper maintenance.

What are the distinctive features of louvered doors compared to flat panel doors?

Louvered doors feature angled slats that allow for air circulation, making them ideal for areas requiring ventilation like closets or laundry rooms. Unlike flat panel doors, which are smooth and interior and offer a more streamlined appearance, louvered doors provide both functional and aesthetic benefits, adding texture and visual interest to interior door designs.

How do double pocket doors and barn doors differ in function and style?

Double pocket doors and barn doors offer unique functional and stylistic differences for interior spaces. Double pocket doors slide into the wall, providing a space-saving solution without the swing space needed for traditional doors. Barn doors slide along an exterior track over the doorway, adding a rustic or industrial charm to the room. Both styles are excellent choices for making a design statement while considering room layout and space constraints.


In conclusion, interior door styles play a crucial role in both the function and design of a home. From traditional solid wood doors to modern sliding pocket doors, there are options for every type of space and style. When choosing the perfect door for your home, consider factors such as size, purpose, and overall aesthetic.

If you're willing to invest in custom doors, you can enjoy the added benefits of tailored sizing and personalized materials for a truly unique look. With Swinging Cafe Doors, you can trust high-quality products and excellent customer service to help you find the perfect interior door solution for your needs.

So whether it's for privacy, sound insulation, or simply adding a touch of style to your home, don't underestimate the impact that interior door styles can have on your living spaces. Happy shopping! Keep swinging!