​Top 9  New Mediterranean Design Ideas

​Top 9 New Mediterranean Design Ideas

Posted by Amanda On 6th May 2024

Top 7 Mediterranean Design Ideas

Mediterranean Design Ideas

Rustic, cozy, and full of life, the New Mediterranean style remains the perfect way to upgrade your home. With a wide range of influences from Greece, Italy, and Spain, the style beautifully celebrates coastal living. It takes inspiration from the coastal landscape to offer relaxed and comfortable living.

The New Mediterranean design is known for merging indoor and outdoor space to attain bright and airy space. Relying on natural materials, the design offers a rustic and cozy feel. It infuses a rich color palette and cultural influences to remain unique and inviting. To bring Mediterranean flair to your space, we have compiled some great ideas and tricks. Following are the top 9 ways to achieve New Mediterranean design aesthetics in your home.

Indoor/ Outdoor Spaces with French Doors

1. Connect Indoor & Outdoor Spaces

The New Mediterranean style stands out with its effortless blend of indoor and outdoor spaces. You can ease the transition with the use of glass doors. Opt for French doors to connect the indoor and outdoor spaces and maximize natural light. Wood and glass doors remain a great choice. The rustic charm of wood can lend a perfect finishing touch to your Mediterranean-inspired home. You can also use sliding doors to open up any space to an outdoor area. The sliding door can be a great way to merge your indoor and outdoor living space. Use doors as a medium to effortlessly blend the interior and exterior of your home.

Blur the boundary of outdoor space with large windows and openings:

The New Mediterranean design aims to bring the outdoors inside with bright and airy spaces. Windows and openings can serve as the perfect tool to blur the boundary between the two spaces. Opt for large windows to maximize natural light. Consider placing the windows strategically to frame a beautiful outdoor view. You can opt for full-length windows with maximum use of glass. A series of large windows can efficiently merge indoor and outdoor spaces to offer Mediterranean aesthetics.

Living Room with exposed beams and modern glass doors

2. Exposed Wooden Beams

The New Mediterranean design offers a cozy and inviting space with its rustic appeal. The style relies on natural materials and architectural details to offer rustic charm. Exposed wooden beams are an architectural detail that can instantly bring together a Mediterranean-inspired space. Consider punctuating a tall ceiling with wooden beams to create a cozy and intimate experience. The natural tones and rustic appeal of wooden beams can add warmth and depth to a Mediterranean-inspired space.