Butler Doors are considered a full-length single swinging door that is usually installed between a kitchen and adjacent room.  Butler doors are typically used in formal dining rooms or butler pantries to provide additional privacy from the kitchen.  Butler doors are still a very common door option for kitchens.  These butler doors are traditionally double action, so it allows for easy flow from the kitchen to pantry or dining room.  


Butler doors are also very popular in a butler pantry, again this double action door hides the mess of the pantry from guests.  Butler doors can be made of many different materials.  Butler doors are a focal point of a room and tend to have traditional and modern design elements.  The full-length butler door can be an additional beautiful element to any kitchen.

Effortlessly Enhance Your Space with Butler Doors

Butler doors provide additional privacy and easy flow between rooms. They come in a wide variety of designs, materi

als, and options including glass or wooen panels. They've a focal point in any room and can be customized to fit your door opening size. Perfect for closets, pantries, kitchens, and dining rooms.

Butler doors are a functioning door that make moving from one room to another room an easy transition.  These butler doors are a double action door, the doors will swing in and out and self-return to center.  The hinges make the door easy to open and allows for you to pass thru the doors with your hands full, no door handle needed to open the door.