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Swinging Café Doors also offer a wide variety of hinges, not just double action hinges. We offer pivot hinges, hidden pivot hinges, butt hinges, single action hinges, outdoor hinges, gate hardware, and of course swing door hinges. 
Swinging Café Doors offers the web's largest selection of double action hinges.  We also offer the w wide variety of pivot hinge, butt hinges, specialty hinges, Bommer Hinges, Rixson hinges, hidden pivot hinges, and single action spring hinges.  If you are looking for your doors to swing, we have the hardware for your doors. 


Double Action Hinges 
Double action hinges can have many different names including saloon door hinges, saloon door hardware, swing door hinges, café door hinges, café door hardware, and many many more.  But these names all refer to hinges that allow the door or doors to swing in both directions and will automatically return to the center of the opening.  Double action hinges are quite common with saloon doors or swinging doors. 

The most common types of double action hinges are spring hinges and gravity hinges.  These names refer to how the door is closed; the spring hinges use a spring to pull the doors closed whereas the gravity hinges use gravity to pull the doors closed. We explain these two way hinge options in detail below to understand the advantages and disadvantages of each hinge.  


Swinging Café Doors is a leader in double action hinges, proudly offering our own line of double action spring hinges. Two-way door hinges, also known as double acting hinges, allow a hinged door to swing in both directions, making them ideal for high traffic areas where people are constantly moving back and forth.   Double action hinges and standard butt hinged doors  operate differently, all hinged doors are doors that are attached to a frame or wall with hinges, allowing them to swing open and closed.  Double action hinges are increasing in populaity, they are used in residential and commercial settings.  Double acting door locks and latches are designed to work with double acting doors that swing in both directions. These locks typically feature a latch that can be operated from either side of the door, making them ideal for use in areas where security is a concern.


Double action hinges, also known as saloon door hinges, are ideal for doors that require opening in both directions. These hinges allow the door to swing back and forth without the need to turn the door knob. They usually come in the form of a 90 degree spring-loaded hinge or double action spring hinge.

Vintage and antique style swinging door hardware are also available, and can add an old-world charm to any door. Some common swing door parts include door brackets, hinges, and door stops.


Double action hinges are available in a variety of finishes including polished brass, polished chrome, and satin chrome, making them easy to match with any decor. They are also a popular choice for commercial kitchens, restaurants, and bars where they provide easy access between rooms or kitchens, while keeping areas separated for hygiene or privacy.

Whether it's for practical access or as a decorative element, double action hinges and "vintage" swinging door hardware provide easy and stylish access between spaces. They are accessible, easy to install, and offer a unique touch to any interior.


Saloon door hinges, also known as double acting hinges, are a popular option for swinging doors, such as those found in restaurants and bars. These hinges allow the doors to swing in both directions, making them ideal for busy areas with high foot traffic. In addition to barn door pivot hinges and 180 degree hinges for French doors, flush residential options are available for a more streamlined look. These hinges are typically made of durable metal and are available in a range of finishes to match any decor.


Double Action Spring Hinges
-Adjustable Tension
-Double Action- swings in both directions
-Available in a wide variety of sizes 3,4”,5”,6”,7”
-Variety of Hardware Finishes
-Non-Hold Open
-Self Returns to Center
-Faster Swing- uses a spring to return doors back to center
-Great for Commercial Settings
-Nosier hinge  


Double Action Gravity Hinge
-Double Action- swings in both directions
-Comes in a variety of finishes/grades (standard, premium, and commercial)
-Commercial Grade gravity hinges allow for the smallest gaps
-Hold-Open in either direction at 90 degrees 
-Slower softer swing- uses gravity to pull the doors back to center
-Quiet Swing
-Self Returns to Center
-Great for Residential and Commercial Settings
-Commercial Grade Available- Customer #1 hinge option with custom doors 
-Pivot Hinges mount to top and bottom of the doors


Double Action Horizontal Spring Pivot Hinges 
-Available in a large variety of finishes
-Double Action- swings in both directions
-Needs to be recessed into the doors (we do this if purchasing a custom door with these hinges)
-Commercial Grade
-Self Returns to Center
-Great for Residential and Commercial Settings
-Great for Full Length Swinging Doors
-Hold Open feature in either direction at around 90 degrees
-Quiet Swing
-Great overall look with recessed hinges 
-Pivot Hinge


Hidden Pivot Hinges
-Need to be recessed into the doors/floor
-Hold open
-No Action– Door(s) need to be pulled closed 
-Offered in Standard and Commercial Grade options
-Quiet Swing
-Pivot Hinge 


Butt Hinges
-Needs to be recessed onto the frame/door
-Hold Open 
-No actions- Door(s) need to be pulled closed
-Quiet Swing
-Swing in one direction only
-Doorstop required with hinge 


Hidden Pivot Hinges 
Hidden pivot hinges will allow the doors to swing in either direction but will not offer the self-returning feature that is found on double action hinges.  These hinges can be “hidden” but will require an additional recessing into the floor and top header.  These hidden pivots will give an overall built-in look and are commonly used for hidden doors that are disguised as bookcases, cabinet fronts, etc. 


Gate Hardware 
Double action hinges work well for gate hinges.  Our best double action gate hinges are made from 304 stainless steel, these double acting hinges are rated for exterior use. These stainless steel spring hinges are made from 304 stainless steel to resist rust in outdoor conditions. These double action hinges can be used for doors, gates, exterior doors/gates, interior doors/gates, etc. These heavy dusty spring hinges are great for your outdoor swinging door needs. 


Heavy Duty
We recommend a heavy duty hinge for all doors over 42” tall, these hinges are best for applications that have a heavier door or a door that is used often. Our spring hinges differ from the spring hinges you will find at Lowe’s and Home Depot.  Our spring barrels are a universal size, which allows for a stronger spring hinge and an overall better look for the hinges.  The spec of our hardware is equivalent to Bommer 3029 and allows for our hinges to be a great replacement option for Bommer 3029 hinges. 

Butt Hinges
Butt hinges are traditional door hardware, most all exterior doors are installed with butt hinges.  These hinges are installed on one side of the doors in three.  These butt hinges are recessed on the door and on the jamb. We do offer butt hinges with our custom doors as well, a doorstop is required.  Butt hinges are typically installed with a jamb and a doorstop to ensure the doors do not swing in the wrong direction.  A doorstop is required with all standard butt hinges. 

Most people are familiar with butt hinges and hidden pivot hinges, we will focus on explaining the difference with double action hinges. 


Which double action hinge to choose for your doors?

The gravity double action hardware allows for a hold open feature, whereas spring hardware is adjustable but is a non-hold open hinge.  Both the gravity and spring hinges allow the doors to swing in both directions and self-return the door to the center.  The gravity hinges are preferred by most of our residential customers since the hinges allow for the hold open feature.  Double action hinges do require gaps between the door jamb and a small gap between double swinging doors, so the doors can swing freely and not hit when swinging open or closed. Hands down our #1 selling hinge in the Bommer 7512, commercial grade gravity hinge.  This is the most preferred saloon door hinge, because of its features, ease of installation, and high-quality hinge. 


When considering double action hinges, you will need to have the door specs to ensure the proper sizing of the hinges.  The door(s) specifications needed when determining the best double action hinges are door thickness, individual door width, and door weight.  If you are considering full height doors, you will also need to consider the overall door height vs the total opening height. 

Swinging Café Doors is a leader in double action hardware and saloon doors. We offer a huge variety of pivot hinges, double action spring hinges, gravity hinges, saloon door hinges, café door hardware, saloon door hinges, and hidden door pivots.  We also offer excellent customer service to help you select the proper double or single action hinges.  We offer top brands like Swinging Café Door hinges, Bommer hinges, Rixson hinges, and Stanley hinges.  Let us serve your door hardware needs today.  We offer the widest variety of commercial and residential saloon doors and cafe door hinges on the web.  Choose from double acting, double action, and pivot hardware.  Contact us for support; we will help you find the correct hinge solution for your swinging door.


Double action hinges will allow for a self-closing feature on the hardware.  This is a great feature so that when walking thru the doors, the doors will swing back and forth and go to the closed position.  This is a top feature with all double action hinges.  The doors will swing and then go close to the center without being pushed closed with double action hinges. Do you always have a door you are closing?  Then that is a great place to install double action hinges. 

Swinging Café Doors is proud to offer quality hinges, we offer Swinging Café Doors brand hinges, Bommer hinges, Rixson Hinges, Stanley Hinges, and many other brands as well.  Let us help you determine the best hardware for your doors, whether it’s a double swinging door or just a traditional door we will be able to provide you with quality hardware for your projects.