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Swinging Café Doors offers the web's largest selection of double action hinges. If you are looking for double action hardware, we offer a wide variety of hardware options.  The most common types of double action hinges are the spring hinge and gravity hinge.  The gravity double action hardware allows for a hold open feature, whereas spring hardware is adjustable but is a non-hold open hinge.  Both the gravity and spring hinges allow the doors to swing in both directions, and self-return the door to center.  The gravity hinges are preferred by most of our residential customers, since the hinges allow for the hold open feature.  Double action hinges do require gaps between the door jamb and a small gap between double swinging doors, so the doors can swing freely and not hit when swinging open or closed. 

When considering double action hinges, you will need to have the door specs to ensure the proper sizing of the hinges.  The door(s) specifications needed when determining the best double action hinges are: door thickness, individual door width, and door weight.  If you are considering full height doors you will also need to consider the overall door height vs the total opening height. 

Swinging Café Doors is a leader in double action hardware and saloon doors. We offer a huge variety of  pivot hinges, double action spring hinges, gravity hinges, saloon door hinges, café door hardware, saloon door hinges, and hidden door pivots.  We also offer excellent customer service to help you select the proper double or single action hinges.  We offer top brands like Swinging Café Door hinges, Bommer hinges, Rixon hinges, and Stanley hinges.  Let us serve your door hardware needs today.  We offer the widest variety of commercial and residential saloon door and cafe door hinges on the web.  Choose from double acting, double action and pivot hardware.  Contact us for support; we will help you find the correct hinge solution for your swinging door.