Louvered doors can be called a wide variety of names, including louvre doors, louver doors, louvered doors, plantation doors, shutter doors, and slat doors.  No matter what the name of the doors, they all offer a very similar design.  The doors have slats that are horizontally across the doors, some doors design offer a center rail for a more stable door design.  The louvers are installed at a slight angle allow for maximum privacy.  The slats allow for additional air flow thru the doors.  

Louvered doors are a great option for your doorway.  These louvre doors allow you to separate your space while leaving additional air flow, conversation, and light to flow thru the louvers.  These louvered style doors can be custom made to fit your door opening.  At Swinging Café Doors, we specialize in custom made doors for your opening.  We offer double action hardware on the doors and can also use standard butt hinges for the doors as well.  

The use of louvered doors is very common in many areas of your home.  Louver doors are popular in pantries, closets, and bathrooms.  Whether you decided on double swinging doors or traditional butt hinges, saloon style louvered door offers many options for the use of louvered doors in your home today. These doors can be customized in height and width to accommodate almost any opening size.  Swinging Café Doors offers many designs for louvered doors including glass options, panel options and in stock doors.  Louvered doors are continuing to be an economical and versatile design option.  

The in stock louvered doors are available in 30", 32" and 36" door opening sizes.  These louvered doors measure 42" tall at the tallest point.  The doors are available in an unfinished pine or painted doors (for an additional cost).  Standard hardware and commercial grade spring hinges are available for these doors. 

Custom louvered style doors offer many different variations of decorative design options.  Most of these door designs are available for up to a 48” wide door opening.  Custom louvered doors also have many options available for wood material, door height, and 4 different hardware options.  The louvre door design is perfect for a closet, pantry, bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room.

Custom Plantation Louvered Doors

These louvre style doors offer a single square top and bottom.  This louvered design is very simple and is an economical choice when needing a simple double swinging door. This louvered door design is our most popular custom made design.

Commercial Louvered Doors

These commercial louvered doors offer wider rails and stiles.  This door design includes our commercial grade upgrade, making the doors stronger and more durable.  These doors are perfect for a commercial application of the louvered door design.  This design also allows us to go wider with the louvers as well. This design is offered as a single swinging door as well.

Decorative Arched Top Louvre Doors

Custom Cottage Plantation doors offers an arch top and arch bottom design.  This gives the doors a unique detail, adding a country feel to the louvre door design.

Arch Top Louvered Saloon Doors offers a simple arch top design. This design allows for a subtle decorative detail on the doors.

Scalloped Top Western Louvered Saloon Doors offers a curvy arch top that is a little more western in design.

Wild Western Louvered Doors offers a “western” design to the louvered doors. The very detailed curvy top and bottom rails give an old western feel to the doors. 

Cape Cod Plantation Louvered & Panel Saloon Doors offers a louvered panel over a traditional raised panel design.