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Pantry Doors | Saloon Doors
Do you need a new door for your pantry?  Consider a Swinging Saloon Door (also known as Saloon Doors or Cafe Doors).  Swinging pantry doors are a new trend in pantry design, allowing for a better flow to and from the kitchen.
Pantry Saloon Doors
Pantry Cafe Doors
When planning or updating your kitchen pantry, these saloon doors can add an additional design element to your space.  These doors will conceal your stocked shelves, yet allow easy access to get in and out.  They swing in either direction and return to self center in a closed position.  Swinging doors are a great solution for small spaces as they take up less space than a traditional door.  A swinging pantry door will be a great addition to your overall kitchen design. We offer saloon doors with a glass panel options to make a perfect glass pantry door- Country Arch Top Raised Panel Saloon Doors
Swinging Pantry Doors
Pantry Saloon Doors
Custom Pine Santa Fe Saloon Doors
Modern Contemporary Glass Double Swinging Doors
Swinging Cafe Doors can customize the length and width of your custom doors.  We will ensure a perfect fit into the opening size stated on the order.  We offer a variety of styles to suit your decor. We offer many solid woods including oak, poplar, sapele, cherry, ash and pine.

Some reasons why a swinging pantry door will work better than a traditional pantry door are:

  • Less space taken than that of a traditional door, giving you more room to move within your kitchen
  • Uniquely covers pantry entrance with customized height and width
  • Adds a personal design touch to your kitchen 
  • Easy to install; no need to add a door jam.  Door can be installed into the current entry way, or trim boards can be added to aid in installation
  • Door swings in and out and offers a "locked open" position if desired
  • Have the look of an open pantry, yet concealing stocked shelves
  • Can easily open with an elbow or hip as opposed to turning a door knob