​5 Best Glass Swinging Doors

​5 Best Glass Swinging Doors

Posted by Amanda On 24th Feb 2022

5 Best Glass Swinging Doors

Swinging doors are a great option for interior doors in your home. These swinging doors are perfect for spaces that require a little privacy, still allowing easy access to the space. One of the best parts is the door(s) will automatically return to the center. Swinging doors can be a set of doors or just a single swinging door, they are also offered in full length and saloon-style half doors. Swinging doors come in a variety of designs including glass doors. Here are some of the most popular swinging glass doors. These swinging doors will make a statement within your home and provide doors that function seamlessly. Adding a contemporary feel with glass will help update your space instantly. These classic door designs look modern and beautiful with the classic glass updates.

French Doors

French doors are a classic door design that has been around for centuries. These double doors are normally full glass allowing for light to flow from one space to another. Like traditional French doors, swinging French doors will incorporate glass and a double action hinge. The hinge will allow the doors to swing in both directions and self-return to the center. French doors are perfect for an enclosed sunroom, interior closets, ensuite bathroom, or bedroom door. If you are looking for added privacy, there is a frosted glass option to ensure additional privacy for these doors.

Porthole Window

The Maritime Nautical Porthole Door design is available as a single door, double doors, and half doors. These porthole doors will give your room a nautical feel with an elegant touch. These doors are perfect for commercial and residential applications. These statement doors will be a showcase in your design. The maritime porthole doors will allow for light to pass thru the adjacent spaces but still provide privacy. These doors are perfect for your kitchen, butler pantry, or traditional pantry. The swinging doors between your kitchen and dining room space will allow the mess of the kitchen to be out of sight. These porthole windows are a great feature for an interior swinging door.

Shaker Doors with Window

Shaker panels are a hot new trend with interior spaces today. Whether it’s kitchen cabinets or interior doors, the shaker panel is a classical simple design for a timeless look. The shaker panel can be incorporated into many designs including swinging doors. A window with a shaker panel will help to make sure light passes thru both spaces, yet the door will provide some privacy. The Swinging Modern Interior Shaker Doors can be a half saloon style door or a full-length swing door. The doors can be customized for your design including window sizing. If you would like to customize this door window sizing, please call 1-855-343-6677 to build the doors to your desired specs.

Modern Glass Panels

Glass panel doors are a great modern design element for interior doors. The glass can be either clear or frosted, both options will allow light to pass thru the glass panels. These swinging modern contemporary swinging glass panel doors offer 4 or 5 panels for full-length swinging doors. These doors are perfect for a walk-in closet, master bathroom, hallway, or kitchen door.

Saloon Style Doors

Saloon style doors can also have windows includes as the top panel, bottom panel, both panels, and a single panel of glass. The glass will add a nice modern element to a traditional design. The window will also allow for visibility between the new spaces as well as allow light to transfer between the two spaces. These doors come in a wide variety of design options. Swinging Café Doors is proud to make doors in the USA and provides high-quality custom swinging doors.


The hardware provided is double action hinges. These double action hinges allow the doors to swing back and forth in either direction, the hardware will automatically return the doors to the center. Double action hardware can be either a pivot design or a spring design. The doors will be custom made for your door opening size based on the door size and hardware selected. Some hardware options will allow the doors to hold open. Single action hardware is available as well, call to discuss single hardware options.

Glass Option

We currently use plexiglass in your doors. This plexiglass is high-quality plexiglass that looks like traditional glass. The plexiglass is stronger and safer than traditional glass. We are expanding our glass options to include traditional glass in several design options. 

It's time to decide what glass option works the best for your application and budget.  Check out the new modern glass door designs at Swinging Café Doors for some great double action doors.