5 Best Outdoor Shower Doors- Pool Showers & Enclosures

5 Best Outdoor Shower Doors- Pool Showers & Enclosures

Posted by Amanda On 1st Nov 2022

5 Best Outdoor Shower Doors 

Outdoor showers are trending as the ultimate way to bring convenience and luxury comfort to your outdoor spaces. Creating an open-air experience for bathing, an outdoor shower can bring vacations-inspired pleasure to your home. Outdoor shower also remains handy for rinsing after a dip in the pool, giving a bath to your pets, or washing mud off your kid’s shoes. This way you can keep dirty feet and paw prints outside your home. An outdoor shower can be a practical and stunningly refreshing addition to your home.

Many factors need to be considered when designing a perfect outdoor shower. One of the key features remains the door for your outdoor shower enclosure. Defining the accessibility, privacy, and overall look of your outdoor shower, the door remains a crucial design feature. Other constraints such as the durability of the material and the limitation of space also need to be considered. Following is our guide to the 5 best door designs for an outdoor shower to help you achieve a stylish and functional outdoor bathing space.

Swinging Saloon Doors

One of the most convenient and stylish options for any outdoor shower remain saloon doors. The double swinging door has bi-directional hinges which can open both inwards and outdoors. The door has no handles and provides easy accessibility as you can easily walk through the door. When installed in an outdoor shower enclosure, saloon doors can provide easy and convenient access to the area. Its easy installation and ability to open both inwards and outwards make it a more space-saving solution

If you want to add more style and character to a small shower enclosure, saloon doors may be the perfect option. Available in a variety of styles, and can be made with weather-resistant polywood material allowing for the doors to be rot-resistant and fade-resistant.  These weather-resistant saloon doors are the perfect material and allow for easy flow into and out of the shower.  Saloon doors can add character and visual interest. A polywood saloon door can be one of the most durable and stylish additions to a shower enclosure. Lastly, raised above the floor, saloon doors can be a great way to connect with nature while maintaining privacy. You can alter the height of each panel to create a setting best suited to your needs and preferences. The saloon doors will allow natural light to flow through the opening. 

Traditional Hinged Door

Hinged doors remain one of the most common styles of doors. The door swings open on the hinged side. Its simple design makes it a versatile option for both indoor and outdoor spaces. From modern to traditional, hinged doors are available in a wide variety of styles to best fit your home.

Hinged doors are generally available with a knob or locking mechanism. If privacy remains a major concern then wooden or steel-hinged doors remain a feasible option. However, the major drawback of hinged doors remains the clearance space it requires to swing open. It is more suited for large outdoor showers where you can provide adequate clearance space for the door to open. Crafted from a durable material, hinged doors can be a simple and practical choice for outdoor showers. These hinged doors will create a dark space so ensure you have lighting added to your space.

Pivot Doors

Pivot doors are another kind of swing door and remain popular for shower enclosures. Similar to a hinged door, it can only open on the hinged side, either inside or outside your shower. Yet, pivot doors can provide a much wider opening, almost lying flat against a wall. These doors remain a great option when you have a smaller surface area. Even with a small width, pivot doors can provide a wide opening. Also, it is available in a wide range of styles from modern and contemporary to traditional designs to perfectly befit your outdoor space.

Pivot doors require a more complicated installation as compared to a hinged door. One of the major disadvantages of these doors remains the clearance space required for the door to swing. The floor space as well as the wall on which the door will rest needs to be cleared. For a more compact bathroom, you can utilize a central pivot. It can function as a revolving door to save the precious square footage of your outdoor shower.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors have proven to be a space-saving solution for your outdoor shower enclosures. It can easily slide to follow the panel beside it, without taking up any floor space. Sliding doors can be the perfect choice for narrow shower areas. Another great advantage of the door is that it can fit into any kind of enclosure. Sliding doors can even be used in a curved or rounded shower enclosure.

However, the construction and installation of sliding doors remain much more complicated. You also require a larger surface area to install these doors. One of the biggest drawbacks of sliding doors as compared to others remains that it provides a smaller opening. These doors are also more difficult to operate. Especially, if you have a heavy wooden door, it could be a hassle to slide open the door each time. Being more difficult to access, a wooden sliding door may not be the most feasible choice for your outdoor shower enclosures.

Bi-folding Doors

Bi-folding doors remain another popular option for compact and narrow shower enclosures. Two panels are connected with a hinge to fold open when pushed. These doors do not require a clearance space to operate and tend to be a more space-effective solution.  Bi-fold doors remain more versatile than sliding doors. It is more space-friendly and can even be installed with a small surface area. These doors can also provide a wider opening as compared to sliding doors. If you have a small shower enclosure bi-folding doors can be one of the best solutions.

Installation and operation of bi-folding remain more complicated as compared to other options. These doors generally require a railing to operate which may not be feasible for open outdoor shower areas. Also, a bi-fold door crafted entirely of wood can be difficult to operate due to its weight. Choose material that can work easily with bi-fold doors to provide easier access to your outdoor shower area.

When considering outdoor shower doors be sure to consider the space you have for the door, the door swing, and the overall complication in installing the door/ door jamb. Saloon doors make a perfect outdoor shower door because of the easy installation, no jamb required, and the ability to leave light flowing through over the top and bottom, while still providing the ultimate privacy needed for a shower.