7 Best Design Ideas For Your Master Bathroom Renovation

7 Best Design Ideas For Your Master Bathroom Renovation

Posted by Amanda On 23rd Aug 2021

Top 7 Best Design Ideas for Master Bathroom Renovation in 2021

The primary bathroom of the home is typically the master bathroom. These ensuites bathroom are attached to the primary bedroom of the home. Home renovation continues to increase in 2021 and many homeowners want to update the spaces they use the most. The most renovated spaces in 2020 was the kitchen, bathroom, and living room. Here are some of the best design ideas for the primary bathroom.

Adding High Tech Features

Today homes are getting smarter, and the bathroom is no exception.Some of the most common “high tech” addition for bathroom built in Bluetooth speakers and additional smart devices. Smart lights and smart controlled facets will continue to be features that are convenient and will continue to be trends for the future.

Timeless Classic

When designing your home remodeling make sure to always stick with a new classic design elements for a long-lasting design.

  • Black Accents
  • Black and white has always been a classic combination. The additional of a black accents wall or simple black accessories will really add to the classic and timeless feel of your design
  • Brass Finishes
  • When working on a bathroom remodel there are many fixtures, a classic finish for these fixtures is brass. Whether you pick a matte gold finish, or a gloss brass finish these finishes will make the remodel look trendy for years to come.
  • Wood Accents
  • Whether you are thinking of adding a wood accent wall or adding wooden sink base, you will not be sorry. The additional of wood will help to soften the space and add a new design element to your bathroom.
  • Wallpaper
  • Wallpaper is a the new trend of 2021. Wallpaper can add a new contrasting element to your design. You can start small with a bathroom adding wallpaper to a single wall or even the ceiling. This additional will help to bring in color and personality into the space.


Is there ever enough storage. When working on the bathroom design make sure to add additional storage if possible. Adding cabinets to the wall, corners, or even on the top of the vanity will help to give additional storage to your primary bathroom.

Large Tubs and Shower

Adding bigger tubs and shower is one of all the top priority during a bathroom remodel. When designing the space be sure to add additional square footage to your tub or shower if possible. The new trend is an incorporated shower and tub area together.

Adding Privacy

There are a few trends moving to an open master bathroom, but most people and designer prefer adding privacy to the bathroom. If the master bathroom is entirely opened to the bedroom, consider adding a sliding door or double swinging doors. These doors offer an easy install and are an easy solution to add some privacy without taking up extra space for an traditional interior door. Whether you are looking for water closet doors, closet doors or doors for any opening in the bathroom adding saloon doors are an easy and great option.

Floating Vanities

Adding a floating vanity is a great option to add a modern element to your bathroom remodel. This will add some visual space to your bathroom and no additional square footage required. You can also gain some storage space under the vanity for a bathroom scale or a wastebasket.

Heated Floors

If you are looking to replace your bathroom floors, now is a great time to consider adding heated floors. Getting out of the shower on a cold winter day you will be happy to step on the heated floors. This is a great feature to add to your primary bathroom.

Renovated your current primary bathroom can be a very rewarding. Adding some classic elements, modern trends and some of your favorite design elements will make the bathroom a perfect space for years to come.