Custom Bathroom Doors - Needs Saloon Doors
Western Saloon Doors

Saloon Style Doors can be a great solution for your master bathroom.  These primary ensuite bathrooms are normally open to the bedroom.  If you are looking for some privacy in the bathroom, saloon doors are a great option.  The doors can be installed without any major renovations.  They are simple to install and the project can be completed in a few hours.  Whether you are planning a large-scale remodeling project or a simple bathroom makeover, be sure to add some saloon doors.   With our large offering of unique and custom swinging doors | saloon doors, you will have added privacy, partial separation, along with the ability to easily pass from room to room.   Swinging saloon doors| café doors provide a separation of space, yet allow for light, air, and conversation to travel through.   Additionally, they are an ideal way to address problems due to space constraints, as they take up less room when opening as compared to a traditional door.   The double action hardware will allow the doors to swing in both directions and self-return to center.  Gravity double action hardware also allows for a hold open feature. 

While bathrooms are trending to be more open to the master bedroom, saloon doors can be installed easily and allow for minimal separation.  Custom saloon doors can be made in various lengths, including 38”, 42”, 48”, 60” and 70”-80”, so you can customize the privacy based on your needs.  The double action hardware allows for easy operation of the doors.  The doors can be used as a water closet door, entrance door, or as a way to provide privacy within the bathroom.  The doors can be installed in most traditional door openings and non-traditional opening with the use of trim boards.

Sapele Single Arch Swinging Door
All our custom saloon doors | café doors are made in the USA with quality AMERICAN HARDWOOD.  The saloon doors | café doors are made of 100 % wood.  The doors can be crafted from a variety of woods, including Oak, Poplar, Ash, Sapele, and Pine.  We custom make the doors to fit your door opening size, making for easy installation.  We can make a custom design just for you!  
 Let us be a part of your bathroom door solution.  All bathroom swinging doors' pictures are actual customer photos! Thank you for sharing your photos.  We love to see our doors swinging into action!   CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL OUR CUSTOMER PHOTOS OF INSTALLED SALOON DOORS.  
Colonial Saloon Doors- Water Closet
Single Colonial Saloon Door

Swinging Café Doors offer the largest variation of saloon doors.  The most common saloon door designs are modern, traditional, barn, western, and louvered style doors.  These saloon doors bring the door design you love, function of double action hardware, and privacy need for the bathroom.  Swinging Café Doors offers custom saloon doors made to fit door opening from 24” wide to 60” wide.  We offer in stock door option, available for fast shipping or custom-made doors to fit your exact door opening size.