Answers to The Most Common Swinging Saloon Doors Questions

Answers to The Most Common Swinging Saloon Doors Questions

Posted by Amanda On 24th May 2022

The Most Common Questions when Purchasing Swinging Saloon Doors

Swinging Cafe Doors is proud to offer the largest selection of saloon doors, in both standard door opening sizes and custom door sizes.  A custom saloon door listing will ask you for "Door Opening Size" and you will need an inch and a fraction of an inch size.  On a pre-made saloon door listing you will select a door opening that is the best size for your opening, such as a 30" Door Opening, etc.

What’s the best material for saloon doors?

The best way to answer this question is how you want the door to be finished. If you are painting the doors, we recommend soft maple. Soft Maple is easier to cover than Poplar and will show less grain when painted. If you are staining the doors, we would recommend Red Oak, Sapele, or Rustic Alder. These woods have grain that shows thru when stained.

What size do I order for saloon doors?

At Swinging Café Doors we make custom saloon doors for your door opening size. All our doors are listed for finished door opening sizes. You need to measure your current finished opening in a few locations; top, middle, and bottom. Give us the smallest of the measurement to the nearest 1/16" to ensure the doors will fit. We made it easy, we will send you doors and hardware to fit the door opening size listed on your order confirmation. Again, no calculations are required, just measure your door opening size and select the hardware.

What is the best hardware?

The most popular durable hardware is the commercial grade gravity pivot hinge. These hinges will allow the doors to hold open and are available with most doors. This is the short answer, we offer additional information about all hardware options here:

Will a 30" Door Opening Size Fit my 29-1/2" Door Opening?

A stock 30" Door opening size will NOT fit your 29-1/2" door opening. Swinging Café Doors offer a few stock door options. Again, these doors are built for the finished door opening size. So for a 30” Arch Top Farmhouse Saloon Doors, both doors and hardware will fit into a 30” door opening. If the door opening is smaller than 30”, the doors will not fit.

Will spring hinges hold open?

Commercial grade spring hinges do not hold open. These hinges can adjust the tension but will not hold open. These hinges will be slightly noisy, and the swing is stronger than a gravity hinge. These hinges are great for a restaurant that never wants the hinges to be held open.

How long to build my custom doors?

Lead time can vary slightly. Lead time is always listed on the product below the pricing.  You will see review, SKU, and availability.

Does the price include one or two doors?

Directly above the add to cart button, you will see quantity as well as a disclaimer that states how many doors are included. If you see two doors in the photo then two doors will be included.  If one door is shown then you will only get one door.

What if I want a different design than I see?

We will gladly quote you for a custom door design, swinging, sliding, or traditional door design.

Do you ship to Canada and Internationally?

We do ship to Canada.  Please add the item to your cart and complete the Country, City, and Postal Code. Then click checkout to see all the total costs for shipping. Currently, we are only shipping to Canada and the USA.

What’s the cost of shipping?

Free shipping to the continental USA.  We can also ship to Hawaii, Alaska, and Puerto Rico. Please add the item to your cart and complete the Country, City, and Zip Code. Then click checkout to see all the total costs for shipping.  

How hard is installation? 

Installation instructions are sent with the doors you purchase.  If applicable the doors will be prepped for the hardware.  One of the hardest parts of installation is the alignment of the doors to each other. 

These are the most commonly answered questions when purchasing from Swinging Cafe Doors, if you have an additional question please call us at 1-855-343-6677 or email us at  We will be happy to answer any additional questions.