​Ash vs Oak vs Cherry Saloon Doors

​Ash vs Oak vs Cherry Saloon Doors

Posted by Amanda On 13th Oct 2021

Ash vs Oak vs Cherry Saloon Doors 

Which wood to choose for stained saloon doors and why? Ash, Oak, and Cherry wood are all great options when staining saloon doors.

There are many different wood species varieties. This article will reflect on popular stainable wood species ash, oak, and cherry. We will discover the differences and the similarities to these wood species. Ash, Oak, and Cherry wood are all great stainable wood options. We would not recommend these doors for painting saloon doors, the grain of the wood is hard to cover and will show thru the paint/primer.

Ash Wood

Ash wood is a light color to nearly white with heartwood that varies from grayish to light brown. The wood is generally straight grained and uniform in texture. Ash wood offers a beautiful, grained wood that will stain well. Ash wood is often used today to make baseball bats. Ash wood is a strong hardwood and continues to be used for building furniture, flooring, cabinetry, molding, doors, tool handles and millwork. Ash trees are one of the most valuable North Amercian woodland trees. The emerald ash bore has infected the ash tree, causing the federal government to step in for conservation. Ash can look similar to oak wood once the wood is stained. Ash wood is an excellent selection when you are planning to stain café | saloon doors.

Oak Wood

Oak is a very popular wood selection and is probably one of the most popular wood species. There are two major varieties: white oak and red oak. Just as the name suggests white oak is lighter with a white tint and red oak has more tints of reds, pinkish tones. Both oak wood variations are hardwood, strong, durable, and have a beautiful grain pattern. Saloon doors can be built from either white oak or red oak. White Oak is by far more expensive than the red oak variety. White oak has longer grain rays, straight grain look, slightly coarse texture that allows little water penetrations, slightly harder than red oak. White oak is light in color ranging from pale yellowish brown to greyish white. Heartwood can be light brown to darker brown with a deep golden hue. Red oak is more common. Red oak is straight grained with coarse texture, medium range of color variability from lighter tan tones with pinkish highlights to darker browns. and very popular for building. Red oak is one of our most popular wood grains for double swinging doors. Most popular for matching existing materials, great hardwood choice, and stains beautifully. Oak wood is great for flooring, trim, shelves, cabinets, and etc… because it is available, affordable, and durable .

Cherry Wood

Cherry wood is a prized hardwood that will darken over time with exposure to light. This beauitul hardwood has a uniform straight grain and varies in color from rich red to reddish brown. Cherry wood provides an excellent smooth finish and the beauty of the wood speaks for itself. Cherry wood is an expensive hardwood but will give your saloon doors a rich feel with its rich reddish-brown color. Cherry wood grain will stain beautifully and give an added elegance to your saloon doors.

All our wood is carefully selected to ensure high quality wood. Wood grain can vary slightly to dramatically, depending on the wood, species, natural elements and etc. Saloon doors made from ash, oak, and cherry are meant to be stained. We offer professional staining of our saloon doors, and tips for the DIYers. Our saloon doors come fully sanded and ready for “staining” with these woods, even the final sanding has been completed. We always recommend that the doors are wiped down before any staining is started. Whether you are looking for saloon doors, benches, or shelves consider ash, oak, or cherry wood when staining. These materials will not disappoint, the grain, strength, and durability are perfect for use in residential or commercial environments.