​Can A Barn Door Be Hinged? What Hinges are the Best for Barn Doors?

​Can A Barn Door Be Hinged? What Hinges are the Best for Barn Doors?

Posted by Amanda On 19th Nov 2021

Can A Barn Door Be Hinged?

The simple answer is “yes”. A popular way to hang barn doors is by using an overhead track system but that is not the only way. Barn doors can be installed just as easily using hinges, foregoing the track system altogether. There are two choices when it comes to hinges: single action hinges and double action hinges.

When deciding whether to use a butt hinge or double action hinge, it’s best to first consider how you want the barn door to function. Either hinge will get the job done and it really all depends on what option works best for you. Barn doors are great for a bathroom, home office, kitchen, pantry, laundry room, or flex space and can be incorporated into any home design.

Butt Hinge

Let’s first look at the butt hinge and how it may be the right hinge for your barn door. It is a simple device that has two rectangular-shaped leaves supported by a joint in the middle. When installed the butt hinge is largely hidden when a door is closed. The hinge enables the door to be easily operated. A door jamb is required for the installation and the hinge will need to be mortised into the door. A butt hinge is a single action hinge which means the door will swing in only one direction and will not automatically return the door to the center position. For this reason, butt hinges are used primarily on exterior doors.

Double Action Hinges

Double action hinges, on the other hand, function very differently than the butt hinge. Some of the major differences are as follows. First, there are two types of double action hinges: gravity and spring. Mechanically, both operate differently but with the same result. Gravity hinges use the force of gravity to bring the door back to the center. A small ramp pushes the door open and slides back down the ramp when it closes. Some types of gravity double action hinges allow the door to hold open at 90 degrees. As the name suggests, the spring hinge uses an internal spring to open and close the door but does not have an option for holding the door open. Another difference from the butt hinge is that double action hinges will automatically return the door to center and will allow the door to swing in both directions. For this reason, you do not necessarily need to install a door handle but for aesthetics, it is a good option. Also, these hinges can be installed in a traditional door opening or in a non-traditional door opening using trim boards.  Double action hinges allow for great ease of use with barn doors. The door can be pushed open with a hand, elbow, or butt, making them a perfect option for your doors. 

Now that you know that a barn door can be installed with hinges and what the hinge choices are, you are in a good position to decide the best one for your new barn door. Barn style doors are a great design choice that can be incorporated into any home. They can be a great solution for a large opening, master bathroom, or a home office to name a few. At Swinging Cafe Doors, we offer a wide variety of swinging and sliding barn doors.