​Everything you need to know about Saloon Door Hinges

​Everything you need to know about Saloon Door Hinges

Posted by Amanda On 7th Feb 2022

Everything you need to know about Saloon Door Hinges

Saloon door hingesare double action hinges that make a door swing in both directions and automatically return the doors to the closed position. Saloon door hinges can be called several different names including café door hinges, saloon door hardware, café door hardware, pivot hinges, spring hinges, and double action hinges. All these hinges will still feature the same basic features: dual-action and self-return to center features. These hinges are great for interior or exterior applications. We will break down the different options for saloon door hinges.

Now that you decided double action hinges are the best option for your door or gate, let's discuss the functions of double action hardware. 

Pivot Hinges

Double action pivot hinges can use either gravity or spring to pull the doors closed. Most pivot hinges also offer a hold-open feature, the hold-open feature allows the doors to hold in an open position in either direction normally around 90 degrees. The pivot hinges do mount to the top and bottom of saloon doors but offer a gentle swing to the doors. 

Gravity Pivot Hinges

These gravity hinges are great hinges for either residential or commercial. The gravity pivot hinge offers a gentle swing and a quiet hinge. There are several different grades of gravity hinges including standard, premium, and commercial grade and all of these hinges offer a hold open feature. These different grades are great options for residential applications. If the doors are in a commercial application, we always recommend commercial grade hinges. The commercial grade hinges will allow for heavier doors and offer a strong durable hinge. Standard gravity hinges are a great option for lightweight saloon style doors. The premium grade hinge is a strong more durable hinge than the standard grade gravity hinge. The most popular hinge for saloon style doors is the commercial grade gravity hinges. These Bommer hinges are a strong durable hinge, that offers a hold open feature in both directions at 90 degrees.

Horizontal Spring Pivot Hinges

These spring pivot hinges are hinges that feature a hold open feature. These hinges use a spring to pull the door closed, but the spring is adjustable. The horizontal spring pivot hinges feature a hold open feature allowing the doors to hold open at 75-90 degrees in either direction. The horizontal spring pivot does need to be recessed into the doors. These hinges are perfect for full length doors allowing the doors to cover the opening and still have the function of saloon door hinges.  These double action pivot hinges are great for a swinging door or a butler door. 

Spring Hinge

Double action spring hinges use an interior spring to close the doors. These spring hinges are available in a wide range of design options and sizes. The spring hinge comes in a variety of sizes, which references the internal spring used to close the doors. The most thought of saloon door hinge is probably a spring hinge. But when selecting hinges for your saloon doors make sure you understand the function of a spring hinge. The spring hinge is mounted to the side of the doors like butt hinges. The spring hinge will make some noise when operating. The spring hinge is adjustable but there needs to be tension to ensure the hinge can work properly. These spring hinges are great options for commercial applications like commercial kitchens or bathrooms. Double action spring hinges do not have a hold open feature available.

When determining the best hinge for your saloon doors make sure to determine if you would like a hold open feature, spacing needed for the hinges, and finish for the hardware. Make sure to determine the hinge that will hold the doors, saloon door hinge sizing will be determined by door thickness, door width, door weight, and door height vs door opening height. At Swinging Café Doors, we have worked with double action hinges for over 20 years. Contact us for all your saloon door hinge needs.