How to Determine the Best Saloon Door Hinges

How to Determine the Best Saloon Door Hinges

On 21st Apr 2023

How to Determine the Best Saloon Door Hinges

Have you ever thougth about saloon doors in your home or business? Well, these days they might be called cafe doors. But they still add a lot of charm to a home/business. They are a great option when you are looking to separate space but still get light, air, or conversion to flow thru space.

If you are adding saloon doors to your home, there is a lot to consider to make sure that you choose the best saloon door hinges.

Saloon doors don't use ordinary hinges like the ones in your home. They need special hinges, double-action hinges that include a self-return feature.

Let's look at the saloon door hinges so you can know which one is best for your doors!

Sifting Through All the Different Hinges

Different hinges work better for the different doors and therefore will make a big difference when you finally go to install the door.

Here are some questions that will help you sift through all the different hinges and determine the best door hinges for you.

What Material will the hinges be attached to?

Most saloon door hinges require to be installed into wood.

If you are installing into a drywall opening, you will need longer screws for the installation of the hinges into the door jamb.

The hinges need to hit a wood stud. If there are no wood studs available, we recommend installing trim boards.

Do you need a Hold-Open Feature on the Hinges?

All double action hinges allow the doors to swing in both directions, and self returns to the center.

Gravity Hinges will allow doors to have a hold-open feature. Spring-loaded hinges do not have this feature and are non-hold open.

What hinges work best in your space?

Commercial-grade hinges are used in both commercial and residential settings.

Believe it or not, the Commercial grade gravity hinge is our most popular hinge in residential settings. These hinges are long-lasting, have a hold-open feature and are durable hinges.

What Length Do I Want the Doors to Be?

The hinge option available for your doors will be determined by the door weight, door width, and door thickness. Some hinges mount to the top and bottom of your doors, so spacing would be required for these hinges.

Make sure to pick a hinge that will hold the weight, width, and thickness of your door.

Other Things to Consider

If you are still unsure of how to choose the best hinge for your new saloon doors, here are some other ideas that may help you narrow down which hinge will be best for you.

Get to Know the Specs of the Product

When you are determining what hinge you are going to be using, make sure you check the material of the saloon door hinges, see what quality you can expect, and the overall specs of the product.

Measure the size of the hinge and the size of your door every time to ensure the best fit.

Do You Want a Custom Build Saloon Door?

Are you getting custom-built saloon doors from Swinging Cafe Doors? If so, the custom doors will be built according to your door opening size and hardware selection.

Then once you receive the door, the doors will come already prepared for that exact hardware application.

Custom-built saloon doors are a great option because they give you the freedom to create doors that are made for wider doorways plus you can choose doors that fit your style.

Read Reviews!

When in doubt, read reviews! If you have measured and done all your research and are still unsure of what door hinge you should get, see what other people who have already purchased the hinges have said about them.

You Can't Go Wrong With These

If you are looking for our recommendation about which hinge will be the best for your saloon doors, we have a few. These are the bestselling saloon door hinges at the Swinging Door Cafe:

  • 6" Double Action Spring Hing in a variety of finishes
  • Commercial Grade Gravity Pivot Hinge-Cafe | Saloon Door Hinge-Bronze
  • Bommer 7812 Horizontal Adjustable Spring Pivot Hinge

Keep in mind, you still need to know the weight, width, and thickness of your door to ensure that these hinges work with your door specifically.

With that being said, every product sold at The Swinging Door Cafe is going to be of the best quality and come with instructions to help ensure the installation process goes smoothly.

The Best Saloon Door Hinges for You

Here at Swinging Door Cafe, we have been selling saloon or cafe doors for over a decade. We pride ourselves on customer service.

We can help you shop for saloon door hinges or the doors themselves. At Swinging Door Cafe, we also offer customized solid wood saloon doors that can fit your door opening size and dimensions.

Come shop all things hinges, doors, and much more. Find the best hinges today!