How to Measure for Saloon Doors from Swinging Cafe Doors

How to Measure for Saloon Doors from Swinging Cafe Doors

Posted by Todd On 8th Jun 2021

How to Measure for Saloon Doors from Swinging Cafe Doors

Did you know that most saloons in the old west actually didn’t have swinging doors?

Still, saloon doors (sometimes called cafe doors) are very popular as a fun, unique way to enhance doorways in homes and businesses.

Whether you’re looking for saloon doors for a cafe, bar, or home, it’s important to get the right measurements. Read on to learn how to measure for saloon doors so you can get the exact right look in your home or business.

How to Measure for Saloon Doors in a Cased Door Opening

To measure for swinging cafe doors in a cased opening, you’ll take measurements at the top, middle, and bottom of the frame.

When you’re done measuring the top, middle, and bottom of the opening, write down the smallest dimension and use that as your door opening measurement for custom door from Swinging Cafe Doors.

Replacing a Pre-Hung Traditional Door

If you do have a pre-hung door already in the frame, you’ll need to consider whether you want to remove or leave the door stops. The preferred method is to remove the door stops. Once the door stops are removed, as with a cased opening, you’ll measure at the top, middle, and bottom of the frame.

If you keep the door stops it means your new saloon doors will hang from the door stops themselves. Just be sure to take your measurements from doorstop to doorstop as opposed to the edge of the frame.

Before install of the saloon doors, the pre-hung door will need to be removed.

How to Measure for Saloon Doors in a Hallway

Unlike with measuring door frames, measuring for swinging doors in a hallway will require you to first find studs. Without the actual door frame to hang the doors on, studs ensure your saloon doors are secured to the wall no matter the cafe door material you’re using. If you are unable to find studs, we recommend trim boards. The trim boards get installed first and then the doors install to the trim boards.

Find the location you want to install the doors, take your cafe door measurements at the top, middle, and bottom of the hallway in that exact spot. Use the smallest of these three measurements as your door opening for your new saloon doors.

If you purchase trim boards, we still need the OVERALL door opening size on the door order. Swinging Cafe Doors will account for the trim boards when creating your doors.

How to Choose the Right Doors for Your Space

Buying custom-made swinging cafe doors is your best option for getting a perfect fit in your space. The door manufacturer will provide the door, hinges, and hardware for your space based on the measurements you’ve provided. We do calucate the doors width based on the door opening size provided and the hardware selected. The normal gap between the doors is 1/4" (+/- 1/8").

Just be sure to provide measurements within a fraction of an inch when ordering your doors, example 36-1/2. You’ll be able to customize various features with the types of doors you receive including materials, height, finish, and hardware.

When purchasing stock (Premade Doors) they are only available for 30”, 32”or 36” door openings. Choose the closest available size equal to or less than your measured door opening size. Don’t choose a door size wider than your opening. if you are purchasing doors that are slightly smaller than your opening, view our blog for options.

Now You’re Ready For Your New Cafe Doors

One of the benefits of buying custom cafe doors is that you only have to provide the measurements. The manufacturer will handle everything else. Now that you know how to measure for saloon doors, you’re ready to order! Click here to get your custom quote from Swinging Cafe Doors.