Top 5 Saloon Door Trends of 2022- Best Door Designs 2022

Top 5 Saloon Door Trends of 2022- Best Door Designs 2022

Posted by Amanda On 27th Jun 2022

Top 5 Saloon Door Trends of 2022

A saloon door is a perfect way to create a sense of privacy in your home without closing you off from natural light or compromising the airy, open-concept vibe of your house. They're functional, versatile, and come in all kinds of different sizes and styles.

But if you've been considering getting a saloon door installed, you might be wondering what the hottest trends are for 2022. Lucky for you, we've got you covered! Here's our list of the top five saloon door trends of 2022.

Glass/Plexiglass Panel

Glass/Plexiglass Panel saloon doors feature an additional panel made from either glass or plexiglass—a durable plastic sheet material often used in windows and other applications where transparency is key.  Glass/Plexiglass Panel doors allow patrons to see through them, which adds a sense of fun and whimsy when people walk through them. Because this style is so versatile, it can be adapted for any type of establishment—from restaurants, bars, and coffee shops with a whimsical vibe to more traditional spots such as kitchens. 

Full Length Saloon Doors

Full Length Saloon Doors are another option for business owners who want their establishments to stand out among the competition by offering something different and exciting to customers. And while they may seem like just another thing on the menu,  full-length doors give patrons something they can't get anywhere else: a view! The doors don't need to be just basic, you can add a porthole window, spindles, or slats- many design elements are possible. These full length doors can also be used in residential settings and are great for bedroom/bathroom, kitchen/dining room, or guest suite separation.

Modern Designs

Saloon doors have come a long way from the simple wooden slabs that characterized them in the 19th and 20th centuries. Now you can have your doors customized with any design you'd like, so long as it is modern or futuristic. Saloon doors can be modernized with shaker panels, glass panels or slats.

Bold Colors

We're seeing a lot of bold new hues in saloon door finishes these days. If you're feeling bold and brave, choose a color that pops, like crimson red or cobalt blue. For those who want something classic but still exciting, try black or off-white with silver accents. The best part about choosing your saloon door color is that it's all about personal preference—what makes you feel good? This year, designers are encouraging homeowners to go with their gut when they're picking out their next saloon door.

Some people are really taking the farmhouse look to new heights with multicolored saloon doors. We can't say we're too surprised by this trend, farmhouse decor has taken the home decor scene by storm recently, so it makes sense that this aesthetic would start showing up in other areas of life too.

Equal Panels

Equal panels are easily achieved with shaker panels or raised panel doors, which are made up of rails and stiles with multiple panels in between. This can also be achieved with other door styles, where the rails and stiles are made from solid wood and the top rail has a groove cut into it for the panels to sit in. Making the panel even will achieve a more modern look than the traditional taller bottom panel. Equal sized panels can also be used to achieve a more modern-looking home while still maintaining a traditional feel.

If you are shopping for saloon doors, remember than new trends for 2022 and beyond. Saloon doors are a great way to add privacy to your home or business. These doors are easy to install and can be custom made to fit your exact door opening size. 

If design elements seem overwhelming you are not alone, we recommend that you review the gallery page and see what you like best.  If you prefer a combination of design, we can custom design a door for your opening.  We need an inspiration photo or a design element.