​Trim Boards- Why Buy Trim Boards? When to Use Trim Boards?

​Trim Boards- Why Buy Trim Boards? When to Use Trim Boards?

Posted by Amanda On 12th Apr 2023

Trim Boards- Why Buy Them? When do I need them?

When installing saloon doors, there is a need sometimes for trim boards. These trim boards can be purchased with the doors or built separately. We will explain trim boards, when you need them, and the best applications for trim boards.

What are trim boards?

Trim Boards are simple boards that you install into an opening or jamb before installing the swinging saloon doors. Trim boards will make the door opening slightly small. These trim boards mount to the sides of the wall or jamb, then the hardware is installed onto the trim boards. Trim boards are ¾” thick and made from the same material as the saloon doors. If the saloon doors are finished painted or stained, then the trim boards will be as well. Trim boards are made from the same material as your saloon doors to give them a cohesive look. Trim boards add a finished look to your overall door opening. We recommend trim boards when there are no studs in the location for the saloon doors. The trim boards will need to be anchored securely to the wall where the saloon doors are being installed.

Benefits of trim boards

  • Give a great finished look
  • Provides a stable foundation for mounting the hardware
  • Narrows the door opening to fit a standard door size

When are trim boards required?

Trim Board

Swinging Café Doors recommend using trim boards when installing into a non-traditional opening, for example installing saloon doors in a hallway. The trim boards can be mounted allowing the doors to be mounted directly across from one another – no studs are required with trim boards. The trim boards will need to be secure to hold the doors. We recommend anchoring the trim boards in several locations to ensure a solid foundation for the doors.

Trim boards also give a finished look to an opening, trim boards can be used with custom doors. The trim boards will narrow your door opening by 1-1/2”. Swinging Café Doors need the overall finished door opening size, we will build the doors, hardware, and trim boards to fit the opening size listed on the receipt.

Trim boards also work when you are trying to narrow an opening. Swinging Café Doors only provides trim boards when purchased with a set of our custom doors to ensure a perfect fit. The doors and trim boards will be built to fit your opening exactly.

Trim boards add a seamless look to your saloon doors. We recommend sourcing the trim boards and saloon doors together to ensure a seamless fit. If providing the trim boards, yourself, make sure you have accounted for the sizing of the trim boards, the saloon doors with hardware will need to be made for the overall finished open size.

How to Install Trim Boards

Trim Boards

Trim board installation will vary depending on the material you are installing to. We recommend using long anchor toggle screws in several locations. Trim boards will be slightly taller than your doors when you purchase gravity hinges, allowing for the hinges to mount to the top and bottom of the doors.

Step #1

Install the trim boards with long anchor toggle screws specific to the material on the application.

The trim boards will need to be located directly across from one another for the proper installation, alignment of the doors will depend on the installation of the trim boards.

Step #2

Install the hardware and doors on the trim board. Once the trim boards are installed you will then follow the hardware instruction provided for the doors.

Step #3