What are Porthole Doors?

What are Porthole Doors?

Posted by Amanda On 16th Jul 2021

What are Porthole Doors?

Porthole Doors are a modern door with a nautical twist. A porthole door incorporates a single or multiple oval glass windows into the door’s design. Porthole doors are great addition to your interior or exterior commercial or residential space. The porthole window is a direct tie to a ship’s port light window and adds a true nautical feel to the door. The round window design is important for ships because the circular design distributes the stress and strain on the frame as it has no corners to suffer weakness. When selecting a porthole door, there are several options for your home; exterior or interior, full length, or half doors (saloon-style doors). Let us explore the porthole doors that are available today. The porthole doors tend to have a modern door design with a sleek shaker panel and a simple minimalist design.

Exterior Porthole Doors

Select the proper material rated for both exterior conditions and security.  Now that you have door design and material selected you will need to select color and energy efficient options for your exterior door. The porthole window of the exterior door will allow for some light to enter your home. A porthole exterior door will be a feature that everyone will be talking about. A new exterior door adds to your curb appeal and your home value.

Interior Porthole Doors

These porthole doors can be used in a residential or commercial setting. The most popular location for porthole doors is a kitchen | butler door, pantry door or closet door. Port light windows are available, but a solid porthole door is hard to find. Swinging Café Doors offers custom made porthole doors with a variety of customizations available. Read more about the best porthole door available.

Kitchen Door | Butler Door 

The Maritime Porthole Nautical Single Swinging Door | Butler Door has a “port light” window. This single beautiful full length swinging door comes with double action hardware. The Maritime Porthole Single Door is a traditional butler door and works great in a kitchen, pantry, butler pantry, or dining room. The door can be customized with wood options, door height, door width, and hardware options.

Pantry Doors | Butler Doors 

Maritime Double Porthole Nautical Swinging Doors | Butler Doors are a set of double doors that utilize double action hardware. Each door has a single porthole window. The plexiglass window can be either clear or frosted glass. A double set of doors is convenient in smaller kitchens or pantries. Double porthole doors provide a beautiful aesthetic look for your interior spaces. They will provide privacy and allow for easy passage in the doorway. The doors are offered as a butler door and also half doors. The double porthole doors can be made at 38”, 42”, 48”, 60” and 70”-95” tall. The doors are fully customizable from the door opening size, height, hardware, and hardware finish options.

Coming soon porthole doors with sliding barn door track and standard butt hinges.