What are Spring Hinges?

What are Spring Hinges?

On 31st Mar 2022

A General Explanation of Spring Hinges

A spring hinge is a door hinge fitted with a spring, which helps to close the door automatically when it is left open. Other names that refer to spring hinges include door closing hinges, spring-loaded hinges, and self-closing hinges. The mechanism of the spring hinge ensures that the door closes behind you automatically whenever you walk out of the room.

The hinges are made to be adjustable to allow you to choose the speed at which the door should close behind you.

Different types of spring hinges

There are several types of spring hinges that you can choose from. They include:

Single action spring hinges

Single action spring hinges are excellent for doors that need to be closed automatically. They are most ideal in situations where it is impossible to install a door closer overhead. Once you install the single action spring hinges, you can use the multipoint cap to adjust the closing strength. Additionally, single-action spring hinges are only ideal for doors that close in one direction and are self-closing.

Double Action Spring Hinges

The double-action spring hinge is also known as the café door hinge, saloon door hinge, and double swing hinge. A double action spring hinge allows the door to open up to 180 degrees in both directions. The action of the spring returns the door to its central closed position. If you want to install a door where people can walk through in either direction, then the double action spring hinge is perfect. The double-action spring hinge does not need any doorstop to function.

Piano Hinge

The piano hinge is a long continuous type of hinge that is perfect for toy boxes, storage benches, and fold-down desks. The long rod runs across the knuckles of the long leaves of the hinge, thereby holding them together. The piano hinge allows the door to open in one direction and self closes using gravity or a spring.

Exterior Gate Hinges

Most exterior gate hinges are made of stainless steel or high-quality steel. Exterior gate hinges are made to connect the gate to the post, and the majority open in one direction. However, there are exterior gate hinges that are designed like the double action spring hinge, which allow the gate to open in either direction up to 180 degrees.

Safety Door spring closers

Safety door spring closers not only have an adjustable closing speed but are also non-handed, which makes them ideal for both right and left-handed swinging doors. This mechanical machine helps to close doors smoothly and is commonly used in hospitals. Instead of operating in a pulling closed manner, the safety door spring closers operate in a pushing closed manner.

Spring Hinges for Interior Doors

Spring hinges for interior doors can be either single-action spring hinges or double action spring hinges. For instance, kitchen doors are excellent for double action spring hinges so that one can pass through while holding food easily. Single action spring hinges are ideal for living room doors or entrance doors because they are firmer than double action spring hinges and, therefore, provide more security.

Spring Hinges for Box Lids

Most box lids contain the piano hinge because it is perfect for both box lids and piano lids. The piano hinge will help secure the lid of the box to the box itself, thereby securing the contents of the box. Depending on the design of the box, the piano hinge may allow the lid to fold backward as well.

Heavy Industrial Doors

Heavy industrial doors are fitted with safety door spring closers, which helps them open easily in either direction. This is beneficial to industrial workers because industrial doors are heavy to push or pull.

Most Popular Brands for Double Action Spring Hinges

There are two main popular double action spring hinges. Check them out below:


Bommer spring hinge brand is a leading supplier of double action spring hinges, pivot hinges, and door hinges. Additionally, the Bommer spring hinge brand offers gate pivots, architectural grade butt hinges, and continuous aluminum geared hinges.

Swinging Café Doors

Another great spring hinge brand is Swinging Café Doors. Swinging Café Doors is a leader in saloon doors and double action spring hardware. They also offer a huge variety of gravity hinges, pivot hinges, and double action spring hinges.

Which spring hinge do you think is most suitable for your project? Reach out to us today if you have any questions about spring hinges.