Double-Action Spring Hinges

Heavy-Duty Double-Action Spring Hinges From Bommer and Swinging Café Doors

Swinging Café Doors offers an extensive selection of double-action hinges, including our own proprietary hardware line and products from Bommer Industries. These designs come in various sizes and provide non-hold operation with adjustable spring tension. Double-action hinges offer faster swings than other hinge options and allow minimal space between the door and jamb.

Hinges from Swinging Café Doors and Bommer Industries come in light-, medium- and heavy-duty designs to meet all your residential and commercial needs. Our partnership enables us to excel in the commercial and industrial markets where premium-grade, heavy-duty hinges are crucial.

Please refer to our double action spring hinge size chart for measurement instructions, enabling you to choose the best design and the optimal number of hinges per door.

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How to Install Double-Action Spring Hinges

When installing double-action spring hinges, using the appropriate tools and following the manufacturer's guidelines are critical. The experts at Swinging Café Doors can help you with all the information you need. Check out our video outlining step-by-step instructions for installation, allowing you to visualize the process.

The video offers several tips for improving hinge performance, including suggestions for proper alignment and spring adjustment.

For more complex installations, we encourage you to consult a professional installer to ensure smooth, reliable functionality and long service life.

Connect With Us Today for More Information

If you want to learn more about double-action spring hinges, the professionals at Swinging Café Doors can help. We can provide additional insight into product selection, sizing, installation and other critical elements. Call 855-343-4903 to learn more.

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Bommer Double Action Spring Hinges 

Bommer double action spring hinges are made in the USA with American Steel. These high-quality double action spring hinges are durable.  The spring hinges are offered in a wide variety of finishes and sizing.  Bommer double action spring hinges are available in 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”, 7”, and 8” sizes.  The hinge specs will varieties for each hinge size, but the larger the hinge size the larger/ heavier door the hinge can hold. Bommer double action spring hinges are world renowned, offer unsurpassed durability and quality.

Swinging Café Doors Spring Hinges

Swinging Café Doors also offers our own brand of spring hinges.  These hinges are also a quality hinge, offered in several finishes, and in-stock.  Swinging Café Doors offers double action spring hinges similar to Bommer 3029 in 3" 4" 5" and 6" sizes currently. Our hinge design and sizing options are very similar to Bommer hinges. These hinges are in stock and less expensive for a great quality hinge.

What size of double action hinge do I need?

Double action hinges will require a minimum of 2 hinges per door, 3 hinges per door max. We offer a spring hinge sizing guide to help you understand the spring hinge size needed for your door. When sizing your doors for hinges, we never recommend going outside the hardware specs. The hinge sizing is determined but the internal spring so a 3” spring hinge, has a 3” spring inside each barrel. The barrels will measure roughly a 1” longer than the actual size you purchase. Each door spec: weight, thickness, and door width will determine the hinge size you need to select. You will need to look at each spec independently and select the largest size needed. For example, if your door thickness is 2” thick but only 30” wide, only the Bommer 7” hinge will fit your door. We are happy to help you to select the correct hinge. Call us at 8553436677 or send an email to

Double Action Spring Hinges