Double Action Spring Hinges

When people think of double action hinges, they think of many applications from old western movie doors, a favorite restaurant, porch door, etc.  The double action spring hinge allows the door(s) to swing open in either direction and automatically return to center.  The spring design offers a non-hold open, adjustable spring tension and a wide variety of hinge sizes. Double action hinges are offered in a wide variety of designs and options, we will focus on best double action spring hinges.


When should you use double action spring hinges?
Double action spring hinges will allow for minimal gap between the door jamb and doors, this hardware also required minimal gaps at height. Double action spring hinge hardware mounts between the door and the jamb.  Double action spring hinges will allow the doors to swing back and forth, and automatically return the doors to center. Double action hinges will have a faster swing than the gravity hinges and will have some noise with the hinge.  For commercial applications these hinges are perfect especially if you want to ensure the doors are never held open. Alternatively, for residential applications most people prefer a gravity hinge with a hold open feature and almost silent hinge operation. 

From time-to-time double action spring hinge, can require some maintenance such as oil added to the springs. To start remove the tension from the springs.  Then completely unfold the hinge and you will see a vertical slot from which you can spray in and lubricate the spring.  I would suggest some 3in1 lubricant applied to the top and bottom of the springs.

Bommer Double Action Spring Hinges 

Bommer double action spring hinges are made in the USA with American Steel. These high-quality double action spring hinges are durable.  The spring hinges are offered in a wide variety of finishes and sizing.  Bommer double action spring hinges are available in 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”, 7”, and 8” sizes.  The hinge specs will varieties for each hinge size, but the larger the hinge size the larger/ heavier door the hinge can hold. Bommer double action spring hinges are world renowned, offer unsurpassed durability and quality.

Swinging Café Doors Spring Hinges

Swinging Café Doors also offers our own brand of spring hinges.  These hinges are also a quality hinge, offered in several finishes, and in-stock.  Swinging Café Doors offers double action spring hinges in 3”, 4”, 5", and 6” sizes currently. Our hinge design and sizing options are very similar to Bommer hinges.  These hinges are in stock and less expensive for a great quality hinge

What size of double action hinge do I need?

Double action hinges will require a minimum of 2 hinges per door, 3 hinges per door max.  We offer a spring hinge sizing guide to help you understand the spring hinge size needed for your door.   When sizing your doors for hinges, we never recommend going outside the hardware specs.  The hinge sizing is determined but the internal spring so a 3” spring hinge, has a 3” spring inside each barrel.  The barrels will measure roughly a 1” longer than the actual size you purchase.  Each door spec: weight, thickness, and door width will determine the hinge size you need to select.  You will need to look at each spec independently and select the largest size needed.  For example, if your door thickness is 2” thick but only 30” wide, only the Bommer 7” hinge will fit your door.  

We are happy to help you to select the correct hinge.  Call us at 1-855-343-6677 or send an email to 

Double Action Spring Hinges