Where In Your Home Should You Install Interior Barn Doors?

Where In Your Home Should You Install Interior Barn Doors?

Posted by Amanda On 12th Oct 2021

Where In Your Home Should You Install Interior Barn Doors?

Buying a house is a major investment. It's a place you'll call home, so it's important to make it a haven for you and your family.

Adding your own style can do this. A change in paint color, modern furniture, and personal decor can certainly enhance your home. But there is an element that is often overlooked that can also give your home a whole new look and feel.

Interior doors aren't only functional. They can beautify your home as well. Choosing interior doors that match your home's style while reflecting your personality, will also add value.

The latest trend of interior barn doors is one you should consider. A study showed that these modern doors can help a home sell faster. In as few as 57 days, and at a higher selling price.

Seems like a win-win. While increasing the value of your home you'll be creating a stylish abode for you and your family. Here's how you can incorporate interior barn doors into your home.

What Are Barn-Style Doors?

The inspiration behind barn-style doors is the traditional country barn. Hence the name.

Just as the doors found in a barn, they slide on a sliding track. The doors will slide open, reviving the adjacent space.

Although traditionally hung in pairs, you can also install a single sliding barn door. The best barn door will all depend on the amount of wall space near the interior openings of your home.

You can use a barn door at home for various openings including:

  • Doorways between rooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Closets
  • Home office
  • Pantry
  • Kitchen cabinet

You can add barn doors almost anywhere as long as there's an opening in with enough wall space around it.

Top-Hung Barn Doors

Interior barn doors are usually top-hung. These include at least two trolley hangers installed at the top of each door. They run along a concealed track.

The hangars hold the weight of the door so it's easy to move. However, the system will have a weight limit for both trolley hangars.

Track stoppers on either end of the track keep the door in the open or closed position. They also absorb any impact created by slamming the door. You'll also need a bottom track guide to keep the doors from swinging sideways.

Double Swinging Barn Doors

Opening and closing this type of barn door is very easy. The doors can be pushed open with a finger, hand or elbow. No door handles are required for the double swinging doors. These barn doors are self-closing, the doors will swinging and self-return to center.

The commercial grade gravity hardware will allow for silent swinging action. Great hardware option for pantry, laundry room, or home office.

Bottom-Rolling Barn Doors

If you'd like to use heavier doors, a bottom rolling barn door system is best. This type of system can support the weight of heavier doors than the top-hung system.

It includes two rollers attached to the bottom of each door that runs along the track at the base of the door frame. Two guides run along a guide channel at the top of the door. Two wheels at the bottom absorb the entire weight of the door.

Due to the type of system and the weight of the doors, you'll need more force to move them than when using a top-hung system. This is great for oversized carriage style barn doors.

Other Interior Door Trends

The new twist to the interior barn doors, are Double swinging interior barn doors. The doors can add a new flair to your home. Reminiscent of saloon style doors, they're perfect for a closed plan kitchen, pantry, laundry room, or mudroom.

The Best Locations for Interior Barn Doors in Your Home

When considering a barn door for your home, you need to keep a few things in mind:

  • The type of door material you want to use
  • The type of system required based on the above
  • The location of the door in your home

Here are a few suggestions:

Create A New Space

Do you have a larger room and are thinking of ways to use the extra space? Separating the space with barn doors is a great idea.

Barn doors are a perfect idea for a large bedroom. You can use them to create a cozy office within the space. Once you close the doors, you can work without disturbance in this sanctuary.

Make a Half-Bath More Private

Half-baths are usually one of the smaller areas of your home. Sliding interior barn doors are a great space saver and provide a beautiful entrance door to the bathroom.

A swinging door will take up some of the floor space available. A barn door provides the perfect solution.

Enhance Your Pantry Area

If you have an open pantry, you may want to consider a barn door to enclose the space. You can make it dual-purpose by incorporating a chalkboard barn door. This will make keeping track of the groceries you need so much easier.

Hide Your TV

You don't only have to use barn doors to enclose a room. There might be a unique area in your home that you may not always want on display. Having your TV hung on a wall is one such area.

If it's in a cozy space in your home, you might want to install barn doors to hide the unit when you're entertaining. You can even choose a unique style that makes it a talking point with guests.

Additional Ideas

The sky is the limit when it comes to adding barn doors to your home. Remember you can incorporate them into just about any space. But you don't have to stop there.

Don't be afraid to get creative. Experiment with different styles based on the space. Consider a gilded or Chevron design. And don't be afraid to be bold when it comes to color!

A Trend That Can Enhance Your Home

Your home is your sanctuary. Over the years, you'll make amazing memories within its four walls. Why not create a beautiful space inside them?

Interior barn doors provide a great way of doing this. You can choose various types of materials and styles to make your home stand out. The possibilities are endless as you can install them anywhere within your home.

You should find a supplier that can provide you with options. Swinging Cafe Doors can. We have a variety of barn-style doors as well as swinging doors. We can customize doors to fit any opening in your home. Call us for a quote today!