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Interior Barn Doors | Barn Style Doors

Barn Doors are a stylish way to close off a door opening.  Barn doors can be used on a sliding barn door track, butt hinges and double action hinges.  There are many mounting options available for interior barn doors make sure that you choose the best options for your opening.  Swinging Cafe Doors offers a wide variety of barn style doors.  Doors can be custom made for you exact door opening.  We also offer many varieties of wood and hardware options. 

Double Barn Doors offers doors for wider opening.  The added function of two doors can be a great benefit.  Whether you are looking for a modern barn door or a rustic barn door, Swinging Cafe Doors can build a door for you.  Swinging Cafe Doors specialize in custom barn doors and custom swinging doors.  We can provide a unique and beautiful solution for your door opening today.