Barn Doors are a stylish way to close off a door opening.  Barn doors can be used on a sliding barn door track, or can be installed using butt hinges or double action hinges.  There are many mounting options available for interior barn doors so make sure that you choose the best option for your opening.  Swinging Cafe Doors offers a wide variety of barn style doors.  Doors can be custom made for you exact door opening.  We also offer many varieties of wood and hardware options. Barn style doors offers a wide variety of barn bracing availablity from the british brace to the board and batten design. Explore all the barn door varieties here

Barn doors can be installed with single action hardware (butt hinges) or double action hardware.  Interior barn doors can be installed with a standard jamb.  The doors will give the farmhouse vibe but still include the function of a standard door.  Double action hardware can also be used for swinging barn doors.  The double action hinges will allow the door(s) to swing back and forth and self return to center.  Doors installed with double action hardware do not need a traditional jamb saving you time and money.  Double action hardware and double swinging doors  allow for a smaller “swing” clearance than a traditional door with butt hinges.  

Sliding barn doors can be a great space saver.  These doors are mounted onto tracks and the doors slide on the track.  You will need wall space for the doors to slide, so that you have access to the door opening.  Sliding barn doors require very minimal floor space for the door to operate.  Sliding barn doors are perfect as bathroom doors, closets doors and pantry doors.  Sliding doors will allow for a wide-open space and no clearance for a swinging door. Sliding barn doors can be single or double barn doors, based on the space available and overall door opening size.