​Why louvered doors?

​Why louvered doors?

Posted by Amanda On 23rd Aug 2021

Why louvered doors?

When considering door designs, it should be of note that the one style that has continued to be on trend is louvered doors. Louvered style doors are a perfect option for a stylish design and for those spaces that require extra ventilation. Louvered doors can provide additional air flow than traditional doors. They are also a popluar option for dividing a space when needed without completely cutting off a area. Louvered doors are definitely one door style with many applications.

Best Applications

Louvered doors are traditionally installed in a pantry, closet, laundry room, or bathroom. The louvered door design  allows for additional air and conversation to flow thru the louvres. When installing a door in a space where no heat ducts are located, louvered doors are a great option. The design will allow for additional air to pass thru the louvres. Louvre doors also help to expand spaces. They can separate a room without closing off any space completely allowing for movement of air and conversation throughout. The louvered door design continues to be a popular choice with homeowners as they give you the function and privacy that you are looking with for. 

Hardware Options

There are many hardware options that can be used with louvered doors. Some of the options are butt hinges, double actions hinges and even shutter style hardware. Louvered doors can perform in a variety of ways depending on the  hardware selected. Louvered doors as traditional full-size interior doors would be a single unit with a door jamb attached. These doors would be installed using a butt hinge that would allow the doors to swing in one direction and require a door stop. Louvered doors can also be a “saloon-style door,” these doors are typically half doors to full-length doors. The saloon style doors would be installed with double action hinges that allows the doors to swing in both directions and then self-return to center. The doors would not need a traditional door jamb or door stop. The installation of the saloon style louvered doors is more flexible and less work than a traditional door with a door jamb. Louvered doors can also be installed with a strap hinge, allowing the doors to swing in one direction only. These doors would also not require a door jamb but would require a door stop to ensure the doors are not pushed in the wrong direction. No matter what hardware and length option you pick for your louvered doors make sure that the hinge provides all the functions you need for your location.

Classic Design and Function

Louvered style doors have been installed in homes since the 1950’s but still exhibit a modern flair to any space today. This classic design option continues to hold fast in today’s home and compliment any decor. They are as popular as ever. The louvered doors design still offers great style and function allowing for the heat, cooling  and conversation to pass thru the louvres.  Louvered doors will continue to be used because of how convenient and functional they are.