Why should you add Saloon Doors to your Home Renovations?

Why should you add Saloon Doors to your Home Renovations?

Posted by Amanda On 30th Nov 2021

Why should you add Saloon Doors to your Home Renovations?

Since 2019 home renovations have increased by over 50%. Are you currently working on a project in your home?

As we spend more time at home, we are spending more money renovating our home. Homeowners are making their homes a place they can enjoy. Renovating is a great way to make your current home one that works for all your needs. Since the pandemic, the needs of your home may have changed slightly. Our home now functions differently including home offices, guest suites, and entertainment spaces for both children and adults.

After you have decided on a home project then you will need to design, plan, and start renovating. Each one of these steps can be overwhelming. When it comes to home interior doors, let's discuss custom doors for your space.

These custom swinging doors will help to define your space, set the mood, and provide separation between spaces.

Home Office

Whether you are adding a room for your home office or making a closet into your home office; both can be accomplished by adding swinging doors. The doors will provide privacy, a sound barrier, and a great separation of space. These double swinging doors can be installed into an existing door opening (no door jamb is required). The doors will allow for a small swing into the adjacent space making it perfect for small offices. The doors can be made in many different lengths starting at 38” and going to full-length doors. The doors can have many different design options including modern doors, louvered doors, barn-style doors, western doors.

Guest Suites

Creating a guest suite is a great way to use an extra bedroom or basement space. These guest suites are a great place for grandparents to stay while visiting or a friend from out of town. You can incorporate a hallway bathroom to help complete the space. Saloon-style doors can be used to add a closet for extra luggage or add additional privacy in the guest suite. Your guest will feel welcome and enjoy the additional amenities that you are providing.

Entertainment Spaces

Updating your home to include some entertainment space will make you the talk of the neighborhood. Make your space a reflection of your family by adding a wine bar or a western saloon vibe. The space will make it easy to relax if you love the design elements of the space. Think of rustic western saloon doors that swing open to reveal pine shiplap walls.

Adding personal design elements will ensure you love the space for years to come. Saloon-style doors are a great way to create a separation of your home into specific zones such as work zones and entertainment zones. These doors can have a rustic or modern feel. Customize swinging doors for your home today. Contact us for a custom saloon door quote.