Why You Need to Invest in Custom Size Interior Doors

Why You Need to Invest in Custom Size Interior Doors

On 8th Aug 2022

Why You Need to Invest in Custom Size Interior Doors

Renovation projects show no signs of slowing. Many homes and businesses have taken the opportunity to upgrade their living and working spaces by adding value to them.

Whether you are doing a complete remodel or replacing an old door, the options to choose from can feel overwhelming. Getting exactly what you want in style and function can be maddening. That is why a lot of people are turning to custom size interior doors.

If you want to add great-looking doors to your home or business that are also a good investment, keep reading. The information below will go through all the advantages custom doors offer and how they can improve the look and function of any room.

Advantages of Custom Size Interior Doors

Many people assume custom size interior doors are only for oddly-sized doorways or unique spaces. But custom doors offer many advantages to any room or entryway. Here are a few to consider.


While looking for home furnishings, you have probably been frustrated by limitations in the availability of features or hardware. Maybe the door in the material you want doesn’t come with the handle or hinge you prefer or need. You don’t have to worry about making such decisions with custom-made doors.

Have you ever found yourself scouring the internet trying to find a replica of a door you saw online or at a friend’s house? Again, custom doors eases the hassle of trying to find something exactly like what you’re looking for.

This includes the door material and hardware as well. You don’t have to sacrifice your material preferences for the sake of hardware, or vice versa.

It’s also the easiest way to match the style of the rest of your home. And custom doors will give your home or business a unique style and look.


Since they don’t have to stand up to the elements, you will find that a lot of stock interior doors cut corners on quality. Besides the elegant appearance of a custom-made door, quality also means longevity. You can expect custom doors to last much longer than stock doors.

That is because custom doors are made with high-quality materials. But they are also assembled with exactness, so they won’t be scraping the ground or the door frame. This will increase their lifespan and keep them looking great longer.

You can expect custom doors to last a long time with little maintenance. It also means you are getting a better investment that will offset the slightly higher upfront cost of custom-made doors.


Besides looking great and lasting for a long time, you can expect custom-size interior doors to function much better than stock doors. That is because custom door installers take into account the layout of the frame and the space where you will use them.

For instance, if you are considering installing saloon doors in your restaurant or between the kitchen and dining room in your home, this will require the use of pivot hinges. These are great for any high-traffic doorways. They often are self-closing and come in single or double action designs (open one or both directions).

You must measure these doorways and cut the door with precision to ensure functionality. It is easy to see the advantages of custom door designs in scenarios that demand such exactness. You won’t have to worry about your doors sagging over time or overlapping where they shouldn’t.

Also, if your door frame needs repairs or alternations, this is a good opportunity to tackle these in one fell swoop. For instance, if your door frame needs repair, a custom door installer will be able to tackle this while they’re designing and installing the door.

Common Types of Custom Doors

The advantages described above apply to any interior custom door, regardless of function. But there are some common scenarios and door types where customization is particularly useful.

For instance, barn doors are great for separating spaces where you do not seal off sound, including many public areas in your home or business. Some people use them as blinds to cover large windows.

Barn doors look great and for that reason among others, have grown in popularity. But they can be heavy and difficult to install. Going with a custom barn door ensures a proper fit, a unique look to your room, and the peace of mind that it is installed properly.

Butler doors are another example of ones that are used in unique spaces, including closets and pantries. While some of the door frames may be standard-sized, going with custom doors will ensure a secure seal that can help keep pests out and your dry goods fresh.

A Note on Cost

The cost of custom door designs will vary depending on the material and hardware you choose. It also will depend on the type of door and the scope of the project.

Costs will increase if additional repairs or renovations are required, or if the installer needs more materials. But having a single contractor do all this work is cheaper than having to hire someone else before you install the door.

The easiest thing you can do to estimate the cost is to go with a reputable contractor. They will be upfront with you about estimates and variables that could impact the finished project.

Find Custom Size Interior Doors Near You

Now that you have an idea of the many advantages of custom size interior doors, you can find a prominent retailer near you. Your home or business will stand out with custom doors. And you will be making a good investment in a product that will function well and last for a long time.

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