What are Cafe Doors? Cafe Door Design & More

What are Cafe Doors? Cafe Door Design & More

Posted by Todd Crissman On 10th Jan 2023

What are Cafe Doors? 

Have you heard of saloon doors and want to learn more? Here is a complete rundown of what saloon and cafe doors are.

Are you looking for new door design options for your home or restaurant? If so, you should consider cafe doors! Also known as saloon doors, these doors have a look just about everyone is familiar with.

The great thing about cafe doors, though, is they don't have to look like the ones you see in old Western films. There are lots of designs to choose from nowadays. The cafe door designs vary from midcentury, modern, and contemporary to barn style doors, farmhouse, western style doors, and even custom cafe or saloon doors- many great design options for today’s home

Why would you want cafe doors, and what designs are available? Keep reading to find out.

Cafe Doors: Functional and Fun

Cafe doors are unique in that they allow the user to enter from either side of the doors without a handle. The doors will swing in and out from either direction and the hardware allows to doors to automatically return to the center. Cafe doors do not require handles or doorknobs, the door(s) will open easily when the user pushes through them. Perfect for when you are carrying a laundry basket, cleaning supplies, and food. The double action hinges make these cafe doors work seamlessly. 

Cafe doors are different from traditional butt hinge doors. Cafe doors do not require a jamb, but the hardware needs to be installed into a stud. Unlike traditional doors, cafe doors come in sets- a left and a right door. One door is attached to each side of the doorway, and there is a small gap in the middle of the doors. You pass through the doors while they open from the center, where the two doors meet. Cafe doors are installed with double action hardware allowing the doors to swing in either direction and no doorstop is needed. Perfect doors for a simple home or business renovation, and great for adding some privacy in open owner's suites. 

Uses for Cafe Doors

Saloons aren't the only places you can use cafe doors, though they're still helpful in food and drink situations. Here are the most common applications for cafe and saloon doors, both residential and commercial applications apply.

Kitchen Doors

Modern Double French Doors | Interior Swinging Doors

Cafe doors are a great way to separate the restaurant kitchen from the dining room. These café doors will help eliminate noise and create some privacy in the kitchen. Cafe doors work well as swinging kitchen doors in both residential and commercial settings. Cafe doors can be half doors or installed as full length doors as well. Waiters and waitresses carrying platters of food don't have a free hand to fumble with a door handle. Cafe doors allow for privacy, blocking customers' view of a restaurant's kitchen. At the same time, they allow easy access for employees who need to come in and out with their arms full.

Bathroom Doors

Cafe doors are a great addition to a finished bathroom opening with no door. The doors can be easily hung, custom made for the opening, and installed does not require a jamb. These cafe doors are perfect for the master bathroom to add some privacy to the bathroom/bedroom space. The cafe door designs are made to match the most popular door designs. These doors can also be used in stalls in a commercial bathroom space.

Pantry Doors

We all have walked into a pantry and then exit the pantry with our hands full. These swinging cafe doors allow you to enter and exit your pantry or storage area with ease and hands full. The doors operated easily on double action hinges, and the doors will automatically return to center, a self-closing feature. You can decide on the length of the doors, allowing for airflow and ventilation if necessary.

Closet Doors

Add café doors to your closet to help with ventilation to your closet as well as add a statement piece to your closet. These closet doors will show off your style and add a creative element to your space. The door will allow max space for all your closet essentials and easy movement from and to the closet. You may have seen cafe doors used for dressing room areas in department stores. The same idea applies here. The swinging doors provide privacy while leaving entry and exiting easy, even if your arms are full.

Flex Space Doors

Just update your basement, added a man cave, or maybe a theatre room. Café doors can help you separate spacing but not fully close off the space. Café doors work great in these flex spaces allowing you to visually add some separation and privacy to a home office etc.

Laundry Room Doors

British Brace Swinging Barn Doors

Adding some café doors to your laundry room space will allow for you to not be embarrassed by a last-minute visitor or a family gathering. We all for a space that can be untidy and normally that is the laundry room, to keep your untidy laundry room from full display consider adding some swinging café doors. These café doors can be installed in the current opening and customized for your space. With the double-action hardware, the doors can easily be pushed open when carrying in/out a laundry basket.

You may have seen cafe doors used for dressing room areas in department stores. The same idea applies here. The swinging doors provide privacy while leaving entry and exiting easy, even if your arms are full.

There are plenty of other ways to use cafe doors. Do you have a man cave? How about a laundry room?

Whatever you need doors for, cafe doors are a fun option. they allow for some privacy and room division while adding ease and style.

Cafe Door Designs

The traditional cafe door design can be seen throughout old Western films, marking the entrance to a saloon--hence the name "saloon doors". The "cafe door" name has been traced to the thought of these doors working perfectly in a cafe setting, double swinging doors are normally used in restaurants to divide kitchen and dining spaces. A French cafe with cafe doors is again a very traditional theme.

That look usually involved unembellished wooden frames and slats. But your cafe doors can be dressed up more than that. And they can have more variety.

You may like the look of a square-topped door. Or maybe arched tops are your thing. You could even install a single cafe door instead of two. 

Cafe doors come in a variety of length from partial, half doors, and full length cafe doors, you can find one to fit your needs.

If you'd like doors that look more like the ones you'd see throughout a house, choose white cafe doors with raised panels instead of slats.

There are countless designs for cafe doors. You're sure to find one that meets your needs, whether you want the doors for your kitchen, game room, or something else!

Get Cafe Doors Today

If you love cafe doors, there's a good chance you can make them work with your project. Whether you like the old Western look or something more refined, there are options you'll love.

The only way you'll know is to try them out today! Find a design you like and get it installed. You'll love the fun and versatility it adds to your home.  Whether you consider them cafe doors, saloon doors, and  double swinging doors they will add character and functionality to your home.

Do you need doors to keep kids safe or big dogs out? We can custom make cafe doors to do those things for you! Swinging Cafe Doors has been build custom made swinging cafe doors for almost 20 years, we are swinging door experts. Click here to learn more.