Saloon Doors | The History and Functions of Saloon Doors

Saloon Doors | The History and Functions of Saloon Doors

Posted by Amanda On 20th Mar 2023

What are Saloon Doors?

History and 9 Functions of Saloon Doors Today! 

The purpose of saloon doors have changed drastically over past centuries. Once these doors were used as exterior doors and now today we use them in many different places. The history of swinging doors and today's modern versions. 

History of Saloon Doors 

We have all seen the old wild west movie screen that show saloon doors used as entrance doors to the tavern or local pub.  Saloon Doors were often use as exterior doors for these establishments.  Old Western Saloon Doors or batwing doors are visible in motion pictures and are icon of the Wild West saloons. These saloon doors are shown in many different screens maybe with someone being pushed thru them, as they are forced to leave the bar.  Or maybe getting punched thru them in a fight or simply walking thru with their gun in their holster. 

Butler Doors became the next classic use for swinging doors, saloon doors or cafe doors.  These doors may have a different name but still the same basic function.  Butler Doors use double action hardware to have the doors swing in both directions. Butler doors were used as a visible barrier to keep the kitchen or the kitchen staff out of sight in the dining room.  Most Victorian homes and even homes up until the 1950's had these doors installed. The housewife would enter with the freshly cook dinner thru the swinging doors. Saloon doors were a common sight between the kitchen and dining rooms. 

Saloon Doors, in today's home, still have a purpose and we are seeing them being used for a variety of new purposes.

1. Open Master Bathrooms

Open Master Bathroom Doors- Interior Barn Style Doors - British Brace

Saloon Doors | Swinging Doors are a great solution to open master bathrooms.  These doors can provide some privacy, heat retention, and a visible barrier to any master bathroom.  Whether your budget is $100-$2,000 there are doors that can be used for your master bathroom. 

2. Baby | Pet Gates

Cottage Western Spindle Saloon Doors- Pet Gate | Baby Gate

In today's home, these same saloon doors serve a variety of purposes. Now these same saloon doors are being installed as decor, more durable and trendier pet, or baby gates. Allows for pets or babies to be kept out of an area that is unsafe. These saloon doors can be mounted very close to the floor, and you can install a latch to keep them locked.  

3. Kitchen Doors

Commercial Grade Arch Top Saloon Doors

Many people still prefer to close off the kitchen from the dining room. These doors can still provide a great solution for a pantry or butler door.  They no longer must be full length and can be made in a variety of heights and widths to accommodate all different openings.  The doors can still provide the visual barrier that most people are after when using them as butler doors.

4. Water Closet Doors

Water Closet- Louvered Cafe Doors- Available in 30",  32" &  36" Door Openings

These saloon doors provide a great visible barrier for a water closet. Since water closets are usually small these doors allow for max entrance and take up less space when open than a traditional door.  Most saloon doors can be customized for the correct height to ensure the desired privacy. 

5. Mud Room | Open Entrance Doors

Rustic Santa Fe Saloon Doors- Open Entrance

These saloon doors make a perfect option to have in a mudroom or open entrance, allows air to flow into the space yet you have a barrier for the messier room in your house. We offer a variety of wood and finishes to match the trim currently in your space.

6. Laundry Room Doors

Arch Top Saloon Doors- Laundry Room Doors

Another room where saloon doors are a good option for are laundry rooms.  These rooms are sometimes open to the rest of the house. Again, a great visible barrier, but our doors still allow light and air to flow through. Since the doors do not need handles or knobs you can simply walk through them with laundry baskets in hand.  A perfect solution for laundry room doors. 

7. Closet Doors

Saloon Doors- Closet Doors- Available in 24", 30",32" & 36" Door Opening Sizes

These short closet doors still allow for air to flow, yet they block most of the clothing hanging in the closet. We offer a variety of lengths and widths. Whether you are looking for full length cafe doors or short saloon doors we have a length that is perfect for your closet. 

8. Man Cave Doors

Arch Top Saloon Doors- Man Cave Doors

Here is the perfect entrance into a man cave. These saloon doors can be made of wood or composite materials.  Adding saloon doors to a home bar adds to the ambiance of the setting. It can give you the feeling of walking into an old-style saloon.

9. Pantry Doors

Modern Contemporary Swinging Glass Doors

These doors have double action swinging hinges; the doors will self-return to center.  The perfect solution for a pantry door. You can carry all your baking supplies and simply walk through, no need to turn a knob to open or close the door.  The variation of style is endless as we continue to add more saloon door styles.  

Saloon Doors | Swinging doors continue to be a good solution to separate spaces and provide a quick and easy visual barrier in many residential and commercial applications. Saloon doors were recently installed in many commercial applications during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Whether you came here to learn about the history of swinging doors, saloon doors, cafe doors, or you wondered whether they are still used today, we hope you see the different functions these doors can serve. Many different styles are available in saloon doors, come browse our selection today. Pricing starts at around $160.  We can only wonder how these doors will be used in the next couple of centuries.