The Ultimate Western Saloon Doors for Your Man Cave

The Ultimate Western Saloon Doors for Your Man Cave

Posted by Amanda On 7th Feb 2022

The Ultimate Western Saloon Doors for Your Man Cave

When you are planning and designing your ultimate Man’s Cave, make sure you look at all the entrance points. Adding saloon doors is a great way to help separate your space and add a unique flair to the overall design of your space.

When picking out the ultimate western saloon doors, you want to ensure a design that is as unique as yourself. Let us help you pick out all the best selections for your western saloon doors.


There are pre-fab western saloon doors and also custom-made saloon doors. The pre-made louvered saloon doors can be a nice simple door that comes for standard door opening sizes like 24”, 30”, 32”, and 36” openings. Custom made doors will allow you to pick the doors opening size, material, design features, height, and hardware options.


When deciding on a material for your western saloon doors, wood is by far the best option. Wood will give the doors an overall warm aesthetic. Wood doors will allow you to either stain or paint the doors to match or contrast with the surrounding space. A beautiful stain set of western saloon doors will add a warm inviting welcome to your man cave. The addition of a bold paint color will set off the space and announce it as a separate space. There are a wide variety of wood species for saloon doors.  First decide on the finish for the doors then pick a wood species that will complement your desired finish. Ash, Red Oak, and Rustic Alder all have beautiful wood grain that will be a showpiece when stained.


The design of your western saloon doors can be western, rustic, simple, or elaborate. The design should be a personal design choice that allows your personality to shine. Some western elements that can be included are spindles, raised panels, shaker panels, curved arches on the top and or bottom of the doors, scrolls, or even a personalized name on the doors. When looking and designing your doors make sure to envision the final look and how to incorporate it into the overall design of your space. Adding these saloon doors will be a fun element that everyone will remember. The western saloon doors can come in a variety of heights.  When deciding on height remember to think about what you want to see and hide in your location. Determine the best door height for your opening.


There are different options when deciding on saloon door hardware. You want to pick a hinge that will function and allow for easy flow of traffic. The most popular hardware options are gravity or spring hinges. Both options will give you the double action saloon door function but provide different benefits. The gravity hinge is preferred in most residential settings while the spring hinge is preferred for commercial settings.


When the doors have been built and delivered now it’s time for installation. Make sure to have all the proper tools required for the job. Make sure to read the instructions and watch installation videos if applicable. When installing saloon doors, first determine the doors height and proper location in the door jamb. These steps of laying out the doors will help to make for easy installation. These western saloon doors will be a statement piece in your new man cave for sure!

The western saloon doors can be a perfect addition to your new/renovated space today. Adding these doors will bring a new vision to your current space. Shop all our rustic western saloon doors today.