​5 Reasons You Should Consider Buying Wooden Saloon Doors

​5 Reasons You Should Consider Buying Wooden Saloon Doors

On 3rd Mar 2022

5 Reasons You Should Consider Buying Wooden Saloon Doors

Every exit is an entry to somewhere else”—Tom Stoppard

Why Saloon Doors?

SALOON DOORS seem to quietly communicate you’d rather be anything except boring. Whether you’re moving through your family room, kitchen, laundry, and other rooms like your game room, a saloon door adds a certain personality to each arrival.

Why You Should Consider Buying a Wooden Saloon Door

1. Let’s Fresh Air In, Stale Air Out

Forward-thinking homeowners have them installed because they serve dual-purpose roles. Wooden Saloon Doors provide plenty of natural ventilation in your home and work with your body’s warmth to create natural heat retention in the room. In addition, the barrier of the door provides a level of privacy to a given space.

2. Wooden Saloon Doors Perfect-sized to fit your door opening

Whether your preference is rustic or ultra-modern today’s swinging wooden saloon doors are easy to install. Because they’re typically smaller they can be placed in your doorway with ease, using your current door opening width.

You will be happy to know all of our custom swinging doors are made in the USA. The swinging door will be custom-made for your exact door opening size. Our team of skilled craftsmen works to ensure the doors are perfectly crafted with tongue and groove construction for all 1-3/8” thick saloon doors.

3. We Have a Ton of Styles to Choose From

We have over 80 swinging door designs, with endless style selections and color schemes customization options for you to choose from. We can help you find that just-right wooden saloon door to compliment your primary residence, guest home, beach home, and other abodes in your portfolio.

4. Personalize Any Room

Your home has always been the place where you’re your best self. Whether you’re spending quality time with your loved ones. Engrossed in a book while ensconced in your favorite nook.

Hanging out in your man-cave with old friends, while wolfing down game day snacks and drink libations. Or maybe it’s being the host of an exclusive dinner party; your home décor is where a lifetime of memories will happen.

A carefully selected wooden saloon door just might be the perfect addition to unlock that inner designer in you. We can help you make it a reality.

5. Demonstrates a Certain Distinctiveness

Chances are, perhaps you’re the person in your peer group who has always set the trend in your neighborhood. The little handyman projects you’ve taken on that has increased your home’s value. The way you maintain your shrubbery.

Adding a modern wooden saloon door to the interior of your resident would then be in keeping with your unique maverick nature.

Once your new swinging cafe doors are installed it can be no more doorknobs for certain rooms, and you can continue your recognizably distinct nature.

For example, you could explain to your amazed guest how your doors’ double action hinges make it a breeze to move from kitchen to dining table — without having to physically stop and open the door.

Why Wooden Saloon Doors?

Wood is a great material for interior doors. Wooden doors are strong and durable. You can choose the best wood for saloon doors, there are several wood varieties that work best for doors. Wooden doors can be stained or painted to match your current interior doors. Wooden doors are easy to install and can give a warm welcoming to your room. Choosing a wooden swinging saloon door can be an easy process when you select the right company. Swinging Café Doors has over 15 years’ experience with double action doors and hinges, which allows us to be a leader in this industry.

Swinging Saloon Doors — THE Perfect Entrance.

It’s been said, given enough time everything that’s old will become new again. There’s just something inherently satisfying about bringing a bit of the old west inside your home.

The best part is, unlike many of the other pieces in your home décor, all of our Swinging Saloon Doors are fully functional.

Whatever size, color, and styles