7 Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

7 Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

Posted by Amanda On 29th Jul 2021

7 Modern Kitchen Design Ideas

The kitchen is often the heart of the home, where food and stories are shared. Here are 9 kitchen design ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

The COVID 19 pandemic encouraged many people to redecorate their homes for "coziness" during the hardest parts of the lockdown. It's always a good idea to turn your focus on design, aesthetics, and building a comfortable home. However, how many are planning on remodeling their kitchen design?

The kitchen is a tough place to style. It's traditionally secluded from the rest of the house, which means it's tough to coordinate. On top of that, the kitchen contains a high volume of appliances, which are tough to coordinate with your house concept.

So how do you make it work?

This article will walk you through several modern kitchen design ideas to help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams.

1. An Open Concept

To solve the problem of the kitchen feeling like it's separate from the rest of the house, many people choose to go with an "open concept" kitchen. This means the kitchen doesn't have any walls separating it from the rest of the house. An open concept kitchen can often feel like an extension of a dining room or living room.

An open concept kitchen means you're more likely to plan its aesthetic with the rest of the house. With no walls to separate it, you're far more likely to plan the color of your seats, your kitchen table, and your counter.

It also means you can introduce new levels of lighting into your kitchen. Most people's kitchens are away from all windows, and hence away from all warm natural light. They rely on the harsh lights of a fluorescent, which can feel overbearing and unpleasant.

If you want your kitchen to have an open-concept feel but still have a bit of an entranceway, have you considered butler doors or swinging doors? Swinging cafe doors are the perfect way of adding a portal from one room to the other without creating the separation a traditional door creates. These saloon doors have many designs that fit perfectly into a modern kitchen design.

2. Hardwood Floors

Whereas kitchens in the days of yore usually came with tile floors, many people have found design freedom in hardwood floors. Hardwood floors lend a rustic charm to any kitchen, and if you combine them with an open design, you can better incorporate your kitchen into the rest of your house.

Strangely enough, hardwood floors go well with metallic, modernist appliances. The deep browns of a hardwood floor lock together with the silvers, greys, and blacks of the appliances and create something that transcends the standard rustic aesthetic of wood.

3. An Island

Opening up the concept of your kitchen gives you the option of adding an island. Now, without the walls to limit you, you can add a large island that can feature shelves for your cookbooks, a sink, and even a surface for preparing food.

Islands don't only look great; they serve a practical purpose. Now, you won't need to worry about trying to fit everything on your counter when you cook. An island offers you a level of precision, order, and categorization.

Heck, if you have kids, an island is also a great place for them to do homework or have a snack. It's always a great option to add more seating to your house; it helps people feel more at home. The island becomes a gathering point in your new kitchen, so be sure to add enough seating.

4. A Monochrome White Design

It's easy to get so excited about open-plan concepts and furniture that you forget all about color pallets. However, a well-colored kitchen can add a new level of depth and beauty to your home.

Go with an island that features a polished, white countertop. Add some white stools or chairs for people to sit on while eating at the island. Install a white countertop, white drawers, paint your walls white, and create a kitchen that gives off a heavenly level of bliss.

You don't even need to sacrifice your hardwood floors for this monochromatic design. A black or deep brown hardwood floor will better help your monochromatic design stand out.

5. Deep Contrasts

However, if monochrome doesn't sound like you, you can always go with a complementary color design instead of an analogous one. Keep the walls painted white, keep your white island, and keep those white stools or chairs, but this time, invest in a black refrigerator, black shelves, and a black countertop. This contrast will create a level of visual depth that you and visitors will appreciate alike.

6. A Triadic Color Scheme

If you're looking to get a little more adventurous in your design, consider going with the untraditional triadic color scheme.

While a triadic color scheme is an important part of color theory, not many people use it for kitchen design. We recommend pairing this with an open concept, so you can better incorporate colors from the other parts of your house.

Keep your white walls, white island, black refrigerator, black shelves, and black countertop. However, this time, replace the white chairs at your island with electric blue ones. Add some blue chandelier lights above your kitchen table, and add a blue picture or painting.

This type of advanced color scheme isn't for those new to design and style. However, if you're ready to take the colors of your design to the next level, put some serious thought into a triadic color scheme.

7. Big Spacious Pantry

Many spaces in today's kitchen can be downsized.  One place where you will want to make sure you have adequate space is in the kitchen pantry.  A large kitchen pantry will help to ensure easy access to items and help maintain an easy flowing kitchen.  Adding modern doors to your pantry will add to the overall modern design. 

Make Use of Contemporary Contrasts in Kitchen Design

If you're renovating your house due to the pandemic, it's essential to keep your house contemporary and up to date. When you're doing this, it's easy to forget that kitchen design requires special care.

Make sure you consider making your kitchen open concept, installing hardwood floors, adding an island, implementing a monochrome white design, using deep contrasts, or shocking the world with a triadic color scheme, and you can do no wrong in the world of kitchen design.

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