​Can you make any door a swinging door?

​Can you make any door a swinging door?

Posted by Amanda On 25th Jan 2022

Can you make any door a swinging door?

The short answer is no, not all doors can be made into a swinging door. Here are the reasons why and tips for finding the best swinging doors. Now that you have researched and decided that a swinging door is the best option for your opening.  Here is how to choose the best swinging door for your application.

When modifying an existing door, there are several things that you need to ensure that the door will work as a swinging door. Let’s discuss the best


Hollow core doors are not recommended for swinging doors.  These doors do not have the strength for the consistent swinging action. Mounting of the hardware can be extremely difficult with hollow care doors, if not impossible. MDF interior doors can also cause some issues with hardware installation because the hardware needs a strong dependable mounting surface. MDF material will need to be replaced with solid wood. Solid wood doors are the best option for a strong durable swinging door.

Sizing of the Door

There is a wide selection of double action swinging hardware. Each hardware will require different gaps for single or double swinging doors. If you are modifying a solid wood door, make sure that the hardware can be installed with a “standard size” door. Since most doors are meant for butt hinges, which have different clearances than double action hinges, finding the perfect sized door is quite hard.

Why Custom Swinging Doors are a must?

Starting with your finished opening width and height.  A custom swinging door can be made to ensure a perfect fit with the hardware you select. The solid wood custom door will be made with your selected hardware to fit perfectly in your exact door opening size.

1. Strong Durable Doors

The solid wood construction will ensure the doors are strong and durable for the swinging action of the hardware. Most swinging doors are going to be the standard 1-3/8” thick doors. The hardware can be mounted to solid wood without any issue.

2. Proper Hinges

Swinging hinges come in a variety of designs and finishes. Are you looking for a hold-open feature or a non-hold open feature.  A hold-open feature will still allow the doors to swing in both directions but will hold open in both directions at around 90 degrees. Spring hinges will use a spring to return the doors to center, while gravity hinges use gravity to pull the doors to center.

3. Exact Sizing

We suggest you determine the right hinge to make sure that you have the correct door sizing. Each hardware will have different gaps for swinging doors. If you are selecting a single swinging door vs a double swinging door that will also determine different gaps. With your complete door design, selecting the hardware will do the final determination for your door sizing. You can use an existing door frame or install a new door frame. Make sure to measure your exact door opening size to ensure the best possible fit.

Tips for Finding the Best Swinging Doors

Whether you are looking for saloon style doors or a full-length swinging door, Swinging Café Doors offers a wide variety of door designs, hardware, plus offers free shipping. These doors are high quality, made in the USA swinging doors. Shop and compare to your wide range of door options.