​Everything You Need To Know About Restaurant Swinging Doors

​Everything You Need To Know About Restaurant Swinging Doors

Posted by Amanda On 22nd Dec 2022

Everything You Need To Know About Restaurant Swinging Doors

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Choosing the right door for your restaurant or kitchen is necessary. Swinging doors, in general, are the ultimate need in any kitchen, cafe, or food and beverage outlet to make an efficient buffer between two consecutive spaces. These types of doors do not require a knob or pull handle to open or close the device - hence, making it a must and easy door option to segregate. You’d not only locate this door between the dining space and the entryway to the foyer of the kitchen but also many others. So, if you’re looking to open a restaurant and the where’s and how’s of the swinging door, this article will help you learn more!

What are Restaurant Swinging Doors?

Restaurant Doors

Also known as the saloon doors or cafe doors, these swinging doors are mounted with double action hinges that can efficiently hold the door securely in one place. This, in return, allows the individuals to easily pass through the door by simply pushing it. Once the person has passed through, the door will automatically return to its closed position. Hence, these doors make it simpler to pass through spaces if the individuals are holding dishes.

What are the Types of Restaurant Swinging Doors?

The kitchen swinging doors are typically designed as both full-sized doors that cover the entryway and smaller doors that only cover the middle portion of the passageway. In general, the smaller doors are highly preferred since they easily segregate the two areas while also allowing some degree of visibility.

In restaurants, it’s recommended to use the full-sized swinging doors to separate the dining room from the kitchen. This will allow some sense of privacy between the two consecutive spaces while also blocking sound and aroma from the kitchen. Many full sized swinging doors have windows to allow for visibile between the two spaces. 

On the other hand, in the two adjacent spaces which require some sense of visibility and connectivity, it’s recommended to choose the smaller saloon style swinging doors. This is also a smart way to separate two specific areas in a much more decorative and functional manner.

Where to Use Swinging Doors in a Restaurant?

Restaurant Doors

Swinging doors are a very popular option for restaurants. They can be used in various spaces to segregate them, partially connect them, or prevent any food odors and sounds from traveling. Meanwhile, it’s easier for the servers to pass through them without having to worry about closing or opening the doors. Let’s have a look at the list of spaces that you can consider swinging doors in!

  • Between the Dining Room and Kitchen - This is an ideal place to pick the swinging door for. Not only does it segregate the two functions but also limits the travel of sound and odor while maintaining privacy.
  • Behind the Bar - For the bars, it’s generally recommended to go for smaller doors since they maintain adequate privacy required while also avoiding any confusion regarding running into someone from the other end. They give good visibility and offer a great ‘hands-free’ option for the bartenders.
  • Bathroom - These doors help in separating the dining space from restrooms or storage areas in the restaurants.

Benefits of Using Swinging Doors

Apart from aesthetics, the swinging doors also offer a ton of benefits in a space. Keep scrolling to know more about the advantages associated with these doors in various spaces of your restaurant, kitchen, or cafe!

  • Privacy

Maintaining privacy is a very important aspect of every building. The swinging doors aren’t just beneficial for the servers but equally for the customers as well. Every dine-in guest appreciates a sense of privacy when visiting the restaurants. A noisy dining space that has a direct view of the kitchen might be disturbing for some guests and may not be a great investment for the restaurant in the long run.

Hence, it’s ideal to choose these swinging doors in the intermediate area so the staff can enjoy cooking in privacy and so will the guests enjoy the meals.

  • Limits Noise Transfer

No guest would enjoy the unwelcoming sound from the kitchen and the conversations of the staff in the dining area. These swinging doors offer the benefit of restricting the noise transfer while making it a comfortable experience for the guests.

  • Create Visual Barrier

The swinging doors can be a great visual barrier in the restaurants. Not just it separates the kitchen from dining but also keeps the customers from entering the unsafe or restricted areas of a restaurant.

  • Ease of Use

Swinging doors are highly functional and practical to have in the restaurant. The ease of use is what makes the door a must to have - in the kitchens as well as the restaurants. First and foremost, they can swing in any direction - making it easier for the servers to travel through while they’re holding large trays with food.

These doors automatically close - so, the servers don’t need to wait until the door is shut. Yes, once opened, these doors will spontaneously return to their position.

  • Great Barrier

Last and not least, swinging doors are known to offer a great barrier between the kitchen and dining space. Unlike traditional doors, they’re easy to use, offer immense practicality, and will undeniably live a very long life. It’s also great for the air and natural light flow within the spaces (the smaller swinging doors).

Summing It Up

Swinging doors are a must for every F&B outlet whether restaurant, cafe, or even the background spaces such as utility and pantry. We are proud to announce the wide array of swinging doors available in solid wood or even custom design to satisfy your needs and requirements. You may choose any finish you like! Wondering how to get started? Well, get in touch with one of our team members here and we will be very happy to help you choose the best restaurant swinging doors for you!

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