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​Modern French Doors- New Modern Door Design

​Modern French Doors- New Modern Door Design

Posted by Amanda On 2nd Jul 2021

Modern French Doors- New Modern Door Design

Modern French Doors are a great modern door design from Swinging Café Doors, offering a new twist on a traditional classic design. The Modern Double Swinging French Doors are a classic design that will add an elegant touch to your room. These doors are perfect for both residential and commercial application. The Modern French doors will work perfectly as a kitchen, pantry, office, closet, bathroom, or bedroom set of doors. The doors come with plexiglass panels that can be either frosted or clear. The frosted glass will offer more privacy whereas the clear glass will offer less privacy.

These modern French doors offer double action hardware allowing for the doors to be installed without a traditional door frame. The Modern Double Swinging French Doors hardware allow the doors to swing in both directions and self-return to center. Some hardware options allow for a hold-open feature in either direction as well. The doors can be fit into a door opening 24” wide to 60” wide. The Modern Double Swinging French doors are available in full height and half doors. These doors include wider rails and stiles for a fresh modern flair.

Modern Double Swinging French Doors

Modern Double Swinging French Doors are fully customizable. There are many wood options and doors can be either finished or unfinished. Finished doors can be painted or stained to match your application perfectly. When ordering you will indicate the size you need for the width and height.  You will also have the option of several different hardwares including commercial grade gravity hinges, commercial grade spring hinges, and commercial grade horizontal spring pivot hinges. Each hardware is available in brass, satin chrome, oil rubbed bronze and black. To ensure the doors and hardware fit the opening we do ask for the overall door measurement to be sure we can fit the doors and hardware perfectly into your door opening. These modern indoor doors will be a statement for any room and will allow for easy access.

Modern Double Swinging French Half Doors

Modern Double Swinging French Half Doors

The Modern Double Swinging French Half Doors are available in door heights from 38” to 60” tall only. These modern interior glass doors are perfect when you are looking for “saloon style doors” but with a modern door design. You can select the wood material and finishing options- both painted and stained doors are available. The doors are custom made for your door opening and height can be selected from 38”, 42”, 48” and 60” options. These half doors will provide some privacy and separation. If you need additional privacy, please select the full length doors. The half doors offer 4 hardware options, all double action, allowing the doors to swing in both direction and self-return to center. The gravity hardware options will allow for the doors to hold open in either direction as well. The spring hinges are non-hold open. The most popular hinge is the commercial grade gravity hinges, because of the hold open feature and this hardware also allows for wider doors (small gaps between the doors and door jambs).

Whether you are looking for closet, pantry, office, bedroom, or bathroom doors these modern style French doors will be a beautiful addition to your home. These doors are custom-made for a excellent fit in your existing door opening. The doors are made from quality materials and undergo a multi-point inspection, then packed for shipment to your door. Swinging Café Doors has been a leading in the double action door & hardware market for over 15 years. We look forward to building you a custom set of modern style doors for your home.