What is the point of a Saloon Door?

What is the point of a Saloon Door?

Posted by Amanda On 7th Jun 2021

What is the point of a Saloon Door?

The first thing that most people think of when they hear the word saloon doors is an old western town with double doors swinging at the entrance of a saloon...right??

Saloon doors can be called many things including batwing doors, swinging doors, cafe doors, swing doors, double swinging doors, butler doors, and many more. But the function of saloon doors is always the same. Saloon Doors are traditionally 2 half doors used in a door opening with double action hinges. These doors can be used to separate spaces, while still allowing air and conversation to flow through the space. Swinging Cafe Doors started customizing saloon doors decades ago and now has over 90 designs and offers heights from 38" tall to 95" tall.

Who uses Saloon Doors?

Modern Contemporary Glass Double Swinging Interior Doors

Your typical homeowner and business owner. We sell the majority of our doors to homeowners looking for a simple and easy door solution for a bedroom, master bathroom, closet, laundry room, kitchen door, pantry, man cave, and office. Saloon doors can provide as much privacy as you need. Where do you need saloon doors?

The Benefits of Saloon Doors vs Standard Doors

  • Double saloon doors take up less space when swinging or when opened vs a single door.
  • Saloon doors do NOT require a traditional door jamb/casing.
  • Doors help to divide space, can be customize according to your needs.
  • Double action hinges allow a door to swing both directions and automatically return to center.
  • Doors do not need a handle; saloon doors can be simply pushed opened.
  • Unlimited customization available on saloon doors with Swinging Cafe Doors
  • Partial lengths can allow air and conversation to flow, important for air conditioning and heat so the space does not get closed off completely.
  • Can be custom made to your current opening dimensions. Saloon doors are a great option to add to your home. When you purchase custom saloon doors from Swinging Cafe Doors, we custom make them for your door opening. We calculate the door dimension based on your door opening size and the hardware selected. Sending you doors to fit the exact door opening size. Saloon doors can be easily installed into any door opening. You can also purchase trim boards to give the door opening a finished look or if there are no studs located where you are installing the doors.

Custom Scroll Saloon Doors

Swinging Café Doors does prep the doors for any hardware requirements. For example, a small radius on the edge of the door when using commercial grade gravity hinges or the recessing of commercial grade horizontal spring pivot hinges. We prep the door completely for any hardware requirements. You can also get the doors professionally finished; so, the prep work is already completely done. You pull the doors out of the box, and they are ready to install.

Whether you are planning a full remodel or just want to add privacy, saloon doors are a great addition to your remodeling plan. Swinging Café Doors strives to continue to provide the best customer service and one of the fastest lead times in our industry. If you have additional questions regarding double action hinges or saloon doors, please  contact us. We are happy to help.