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Bommer hinges are made in the USA.  Bommer offers a complete line on a variety hinges including, Architectural Grade Butt Hinges, Single Action Spring Hinges, Continuous Aluminum Geared Hinges, Specialty Door and Gate Pivots, Lavatory Hardware and the world renowned Double Acting Spring Hinges. Please shop our Selection of Bommer Hinges here: Bommer Hardware

Bommer is a leader in the double action hinge industry, Lorenz Bommer patented the world's first double action spring hinge in 1880. Bommer Industries is located in Landrum, South Carolina and manufactures the hinges in South Carolina. 

Bommer does offer a one year limited warranty on their hinges.  

Bommer Double action hardware comes in a mortise or non-mortise option in size 3", 4", 5", 6",7",8". You can choose from a classic ball tip and standard barrel.


Bommer Classic Ball Tip   Standard Barrel 
cl3029-bommer-spring-hinge-min.jpg 3029-7-2-500x500-1-min.jpg


Bommer double action spring hinges and pivot hinges also offer a box clamp option.  Bommer's pivot hinges offer a wide variety that fits doors up to 36" wide.

Bommer Box Clamp Hinge  Bommer Pivot Hinge 
3024-clamp-hinge-min.jpg bommerorb.jpg

Bommer has a wide range of Saloon Door Hinges and Gate Hinges. If you need help in selecting the correct hardware for your door use our filters or call us at 1-855-343-6677.  Bommer offers commercial grade hardware and light duty hardware.  Use Bommer hardware on our next door project.