Closet doors are a great way to add some personality to your space.  Whether you are thinking of double closet doors, barn doors or modern closet doors, allow us to give you some inspiration. Doors help to create a large impact on your space.  Door design and hardware options can be almost unlimited with closet doors.  Pick the best door design, material, and hardware option for your application. Closet doors can be a full length door or a saloon style door. Hardware is an important element not to be overlooked. The most common hardware options are double action hardware, sliding hardware, bi-folding and butt hinges.  When considering closet doors make sure to pick an option that gives easy access to the closet, reflects the design style of the room, and is functional for your closet space

Here are the most popular closet door styles:

Double Closet Doors 

Double closet doors allow for a wide opening when the doors are in the open position.  With the wide opening more space is available to move in the closet, giving the closet a larger feel and a brighter space. Double Closet doors can be made in many design options including louvered, barn and modern doors.  Pick the door design, material, and hardware that will make these closet doors the doors of your dreams.  


Make sure to pick the best double closet doors for your application. 

Closet Barn Doors

Closet barn doors will add a rustic farmhouse look to your room.  Closet barn doors can be sliding or swinging doors, depending on the hardware option you select.  Sliding barn doors will need enough space to clear the opening allowing for full access to the closet.  Swinging closet barn doors will mount to the door jamb and allow for the doors to swing.


Double action hardware will allow the doors to swing in both directions & self-return to center.  Sliding closet barn doors will allow easy access to your closet, making a nice wide opening to enter and exit your closet.  


Louvered Closet Doors 

Louvered closet doors will help with ventilation of your closet space.  Louvered closet doors come in a variety of style and design options.  Louvered closet doors can be made as saloon style doors or full-length doors.   Consider saloon style louvered doors for partial height coverage of the door opening.  


The double action hardware on a louvered closet door will allow for the door to swing in both directions and self-return to center. 


Modern Closet Doors 

Modern closet doors will add some classic design to your closet.  These modern doors can come with one or more of these design options: glass panels, slats, or shaker panels.  Modern closet doors will help to update your space with minimal effort.  The glass panel(s) can help make a smaller space seem larger with the reflection from the glass.  


Shaker panels will give a modern look to the closet doors as well.  The installation of modern closet doors can be easy and simple with the use of double action hardware.  The doors would mount to the jamb and allow for the doors to swing in both directions, and self-return to center.