4 Louvre Door Designs for Your New Year Renovations

4 Louvre Door Designs for Your New Year Renovations

Posted by Amanda On 16th Dec 2021

4 Louvered Door Designs for Your New Year Renovations

Are you in the market for a new door design? There are many different doors you can choose from, such as paneled, dutch, or even glass designs. These are pretty standard door designs, but sometimes you have to break out of the box and go for something unique and stylish that can also create natural ventilation.

If that is something you're looking for, try louvre door designs for your door. If you're getting excited, you're in luck because we are going over four louvre door designs that will spice up your new year renovations in this article.

What is a Louvre Door

The louvre door has slats that are horizontal across the doors. Some door designs offer a center rail for a more stable door. The louvers are installed at a slight angle to allow for maximum privacy. The slats allow for additional airflow through the doors.

Louvre Doors can have a traditional look of a regular door or have ornate and exquisite patterns and designs that give it uniqueness and style.

Special Functions of a Louvre Door

Louvre doors are gaining popularity amongst home renovators not only for their style but also for their unique functionality.

Since the louvers on the door allow for additional airflow, they can create natural ventilation between spaces.

Aside from controlling natural light and airflow, louvre doors come in different sizes. These doors can be installed in tight congested spaces both indoors and outdoors.

History of Louvre Doors

Louvre doors were first seen in ancient Greece around 700-480 B.C. They were fixed and made of marble to combat the harsh Mediterranean climate. The popularity of louvre doors spread quickly throughout the Mediterranean region.

As time went on, movable wooden versions were starting to be seen more often. This design helped with ventilation and light control. In medieval times, rectangular-styled louvre shutters were very popular.

At the end of the 15th-century louvre doors were found throughout Italy, Spain, and Indo-European countries. They were trendy for their decorative essence.

Spanish settlers brought these louvre door designs during the colonization of America. The influence of louvre style doors from Spain created vast popularity for them during the colonial period.

Where to Use Louvre Doors

Louvre doors can be installed in almost any room in your home. If you're renovating, you'll want to consider these top areas where louvre doors will look great.


Louvre doors are great in bedroom closets. They provide your clothes with breathability and ventilation, keeping them fresh. You can also use louvre doors as room dividers, just in case you want some extra privacy.


Louvre doors give enough privacy while also providing good airflow. This will allow steam and heat to escape, making your showers and baths much more comfortable and less foggy.

Storage Room/Utility Room

Storage rooms are ideal places to install louvre doors. They'll allow ventilation in the room, preventing gasses or other fumes from being trapped inside.


The kitchen is the most common place you'll see louvre doors. Louvre door designs are great for cabinets, entryways and pantry doors. Not only will they give your kitchen decorative appeal, but will also provide you the ventilation your food needs. Louvre door designs will help keep your food in the pantry or cabinet fresh and help prevent mold growth.

1. Wooden Louvre Doors

Wooden Louvre doors are simple but create an elegant and rustic look. The door has small slats of wood that make an angled effect.

These doors are perfect for pantries, closets, or storage rooms. They can be utilized in indoor settings where ventilation is needed. These are the most common type of louvered doors.

2. Swinging Louvre Doors

Swinging louvre doors or cafe doors are great for creating a warm western look to your kitchen or cafe. The great thing about a swinging louvre door is there is no catch or lock or knob to the door that needs to be turned.

You can push a swinging louvre door with your shoulder if you need to. This would be great for transporting food or when you need to hold something while going through the door.

3. Sliding Louvre Doors

Sliding louvre doors can bring a unique accent that can't be achieved with a regular door. Sliding louvre doors look great for bedroom closets or storage rooms. Sliding louvre doors can be sized to your needs and create an inviting feel to any room.

4. Panel & Louvered Doors

This combines the best of both worlds. Additional ventilation with the louvres on the doors, and the traditional look of a panel as well. Whether the look your going for is rustic or contemporary, it will give your space an elegant flare. A folding louvre door is ideal for living rooms, private entrances and act as a room separator.

If you want a sleek and classy door, go with a folding louvre door for your renovation project.

Are Louvre Door Designs Worthy of Your Next Renovation?

The simple answer is yes! Louvre door designs give your space elegance, class, rustic vibes, and any other impression you can imagine. They're versatile and have great functionality that not many doors can provide especially with natural light control and ventilation.

If you are in the market for a new door, contact us to steer you in the right direction. Our professionals can give you the advice you need and provide you with info on louvre doors that we didn't answer in this article.