8 Beautiful Interior Barn Door Designs for Your Home

8 Beautiful Interior Barn Door Designs for Your Home

Posted by Amanda On 20th Jan 2022

8 Beautiful Interior Barn Door Designs for Your Home

The modern farmhouse trend is all the rage among homeowners and is even selling at a higher rate. From wooden walls to neutral tones, you can be sure that the farmhouse trend is here to stay.

An interior barn door is a great addition to your farmhouse decor or any modern decor. They provide a focal point and a conversation piece while offering you the privacy you're looking for.

If you're looking for more barn door ideas to implement into your home, here are seven you can pick from today.

1. Pantry Door

The pantry door doesn't have to be bland and boring. Adding a barn door to your kitchen pantry allows it to stand out and be its own piece. When the door is a sliding door, you have better access to your pantry goods without having to worry about the door swinging open or closed.

2. Closet Door

Opening and closing closet doors may take up space in your bedroom. But with a sliding barn door for closet doors, you keep the space, as well as, adding fun and functionality to your space. You can use them for any closet space in your home.

3. Bedroom Door

Barn doors for bedroom doors provide a beautiful aesthetic to your bedroom. They can even act bi-functionally if you put a mirror or hooks on them for storage. 

4. Bathroom Door

For a bathroom door you might think a barn door would lack privacy, but the opposite is true. Barn doors provide a great amount of privacy when provided with a lock and soundproofing. You can even use a barn door as a transition from one space in your bathroom to another. If you have a wooden barn door, you'll need to make sure it's treated so it doesn't absorb water and swell.

5. Transition Door

You'll find transition doors in spaces that lead from one room to the next. For example, there may be a transition door separating the living room from the kitchen, or the living area from the den, and so forth. A transition barn door keeps the flow of the room similar.

Close off your space to make it cozy and comfortable, or leave them open to encourage a more open concept.

6. Mudroom Door

A mudroom is a room dedicated to all the outdoor belongings: coats, jackets, muddy shoes, school backpacks, and so forth. Seeing all the clutter can make you anxious, so close off the room by installing a beautiful barn door. You can choose to have the barn doors on a sliding track or as swinging doors. 

7. Entertainment Center Doors

While this type of door doesn't lead from one place to another, it can offer your living space an amazing focal point. With barn doors concealing your entertainment space, you can have the option of changing the entire feel of your room, from entertaining to gathering.

8. Swinging Barn Door

A swinging barn door is an alternative to sliding doors. They provide functionality as well as an interesting conversation starter. One of the best aspects of swinging barn doors is that you can walk through them without having to worry about keeping a door open.

Finding the Right Barn Door for You

When you're searching for a barn door in the home, you might be wondering which is the right choice. With all the different selections available, how do you know what door is right for you?

Here are a few tips to get you headed in the right direction.

1. Match Current Theme

Changing or adding a door is much easier than changing an entire room by repainting and refurnishing. Choose a door that matches the current theme of your room to make it the most impressionable.

2. Budget

Barn doors are beautiful, but you want to make sure you stay within your budget, especially if you're looking for a custom-made door. Before you set out to find the perfect door, set a budget on how much you're going to spend.

3. Ask The Professionals

While many people find and repurpose barn doors for aesthetic purposes, it might be challenging to hang them.  You can run the risk of hanging it the wrong way, which is very dangerous. If you're thinking about installing a new door, it's best to ask the professionals.

4. Measure

Measuring your space for your door is key to getting the door to work correctly. A door that's too big or too small won't work well and can even damage your wall or molding.

5. Color, Shape, Design

Most of these elements will play into the theme of your room, but it's still important to decide. You want your door to look great in the room and having a vision for it will help you make your choice. This includes the color of the door, its shape and design, and whether it's wood, glass, or other materials.

6. Hardware

When you choose a sliding barn door, a hinge barn door or a double swinging barn doors, the hardware you choose matters. It will need to match, on some level, the same style and theme of your house since it's exposed. Before you install your barn door, choose your hardware carefully and try it out against the paint and theme of your room to see if it works.

The Right Interior Barn Door for You

Finding and choosing the right interior barn door for you doesn't have to be difficult when you know what you're looking for and what you need. A barn door is a beautiful addition to any doorway in any room.

Do you need help finding the right barn door to complement your room? Our professionals can assist you in finding what you need. Check out our selection today to see what we have to offer!