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Updating your Kitchen…Need a new Pantry Door?  Consider a swinging saloon style door (also known as a 

saloon doors).  Swinging Doors are a great option for pantry doors because of the double action hardware; the doors can swing back & forth and go closed at the center position.  Pantry Doors with double action hardware allows you to enter and exit your pantry with your hands full.  Some double action hinges options will allow the swinging pantry door to remain option.

Pantry Saloon Doors
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Cottage Style Saloon Doors

Swinging doors can provide a better flow to your kitchen pantry.  Double swinging doors take up less space than a traditional single door and will also allow easier access to your pantry items.

Swinging pantry doors can be a half door or a full-length door.  At Swinging Café Doors, we offer a full variety of single & double swinging doors.


Whether you are update your main pantry door or a new trendy "butler’s pantry" swinging doors.  These beautiful swinging doors with double action hardware will provide great function to your kitchen.  Search for your new pantry door today at Swinging Cafe Doors can customize the length and width of your custom doors.  We will ensure a perfect fit into the opening size stated on the order.  We offer a variety of styles to suit your decor. We offer many solid woods including oak, poplar, sapele, cherry, ash and pine.