Best Double Action Spring And Gravity Door Hinges & Uses

Best Double Action Spring And Gravity Door Hinges & Uses

Posted by Amanda On 13th Oct 2023

Best Double Action Door Hinges & Their Uses:

1. Spring Loaded Hinges | Double Action Spring Hinges:

6" Double Action Spring Hinge | Saloon Doors Hinge 4.5" flange

Spring-loaded hinges are designed for double action doors. They are commonly used in high-traffic areas where doors need to swing in both directions. They automatically return the door to the closed position, making them ideal for restaurants, commercial kitchens, and hospitals.

2. Gravity Hinges | Double Action Gravity Pivot Hinges: 

Colonial Raised Panel Saloon Doors

Great for residential or commercial application, using gravity to self return the doors to center (not a spring). Quiet operation and will offer a softer swing than the spring hinges. The pivot hinges to mount to the top of the doors and to the bottom.  This is will for a single pivot, and a hold open feature with gravity hinges. 

When Do You Need Heavy-Duty Door Hinges?

Heavy-duty door hinges are necessary when the door is large, heavy, or made of a dense material. They are essential for exterior doors, industrial doors, and doors in high-traffic commercial areas. Heavy-duty hinges ensure the door operates smoothly and lasts longer under continuous use.

Learn About All the Common Door Hinge Types:

There are various door hinge types, each designed for specific applications:

  • Butt Hinges: Standard hinges suitable for most interior doors. These can be action hinges, meaning that the door will self return to center or no action, meaning that you need to return the door to center with your hand. 
  • Piano Hinges: Long continuous hinges often used on piano lids or in areas where a long, continuous pivot is necessary.
  • Barrel Hinges: Commonly used on gates and barn doors. Double action hinges that allow the doors to swing in both directions, and self closing hinges. 
  • Concealed Hinges: Hidden when the door is closed, providing a sleek look, often used in cabinets.
  • Euro Hinges: Commonly used in modern kitchen cabinets, they offer adjustability and a clean appearance.
  • Overlay Hinges: Used for doors that partially overlay the cabinet opening, commonly found in kitchen cabinets.

Benefits of Double Action Spring Door Hinges:

  • Bidirectional Movement: They allow the door to swing in both directions, making them ideal for high-traffic areas.
  • Hands-Free Operation: They enable easy entry and exit without the need for pushing or pulling.
  • No hanging strap required on the frame
  • Space-Saving: They don’t require a fixed swing direction, saving space in cramped areas.
  • Versatility: Suitable for various applications, including restaurants, commercial kitchens, and busy homes.
  • Durable: Quality double action spring hinges are durable and designed to withstand continuous use.
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When choosing door hinges, it's crucial to consider factors such as door size, weight, location (interior or exterior), and the specific requirements of the space. Selecting the appropriate hinge type ensures smooth operation and longevity of your doors.