Custom Swinging Doors: A Design Choice

Custom Swinging Doors: A Design Choice

Posted by Amanda On 16th Nov 2023

Custom Swinging Doors: A Design Choice

Have you ever considered the detail and design of your interior doors? Manufacturers uniquely craft each component, from the hinges, locks and frames to the joinery. These minor details provide a distinct design and quality. Whether you have swinging barn or pocket doors, the smallest design details can enhance the door's aesthetics, versatility and strength.

How to Customize Doors to Match Your Style

You can customize your door to match your style with unique interior door materials, colors, designs, hardware and sizes.


Selecting a unique base material is an excellent way to customize interior doors. Different door materials like natural and composite wood provide distinct aesthetics and properties. If you want an organic or rustic-looking interior door, natural wood like oak can be an excellent choice. A custom material can also be the best way to match your interior designs. For example, a custom wood interior door with deep red or brown stains might compliment your rustic-themed home.


You can customize your interior door with a distinct color scheme or palette to match, elevate or transform your interior. Depending on your design objective and vision, you can choose an interior door color that stands out or blends in. You can select multiple colors or color ensemble that completes your interior space. A custom color can draw attention and give your door and home a one-of-a-kind design.

Design and Accessories

One of the best ways to customize your door is to choose a new or unique design. You can make your panel, French, barn or pocket doors truly distinctive with a custom design. For example, you can add more panels to the panel door and change the design and color. You can accessorize your contemporary-style door with different shapes, patterns, colors and sizes to match your style and design vision.


Add some hardware to make your door genuinely distinct. While often unnoticed, the finer details like handles, hinges, rails and locks offer doors essential and unique characteristics. For example, an earthy green panel interior might have a rose gold handle to compliment the dark wood kitchen counters and rose gold counter pulls, providing a continuous and symmetrical kitchen design.


You can customize your door size to fit your home's structural design or enhance and enclose space. If you have wide door entrances or high halls, you can install a custom-made interior door to fit the width and length of your space instead of settling for a standard stock door that only partially fits your design. If you want to enlarge your entrances or room dividers, you can customize a door big enough to fill the area.

Benefits of Custom Interior Swinging Doors

Whether you select a double-paneled, barn-style or French swing door, you can customize it to match your business or home. Custom swinging doors offer many benefits like quality, versatility, longevity, value and aesthetics.

Material Quality

Customizing your interior swinging doors lets you choose materials to match your needs — whatever you choose impacts the way the final result will look and how durable it is.

Manufacturers often make custom swinging interior doors with higher quality materials like natural wood. They might handcraft each component and use time-tested techniques like rail and style joinery, providing exceptional detail., finishes and strength. You get peace of mind that your door is of the highest quality and will represent your desired standard.

Distinct Design

Distinct Design

If you have a particular idea or look for your home or business, you can bring it to life with a custom door design. For example, if you want your barn-style entry door to represent your upscale, rustic restaurant, you can get just that.

Manufacturers develop your door to match your exact design specs, from the style, size, patterns and hardware. They might add their professional expertise, but you can rest assured that you will only find your interior swing door design in your home or business.

Match Your Design

If you remodel your home or business, you might want to change your doors to match your interior or design. Custom doors let you change or remodel your door design to match your walls, floors, ceilings and décor.

You don't even have to splurge on a complete interior remodel — customizing your interior doors can give your business or home the refresh it needs.


While manufacturers might opt for cost and time savings for mass-produced doors, custom doors take more time, effort and care. Producers use higher quality wood and manufacture custom door designs to create a product that stands out and lasts for years. When you opt for a custom swinging door, you know you're getting superior artisanship and durable materials that'll last many years.

High Return on Investment

A custom swing door is an investment that'll benefit you in the long term. Investing in custom door design and durable materials adds value to your property, offering a greater reward if you sell your home or business. High-quality materials can also improve insulation, saving you money on utility bills.

A quality door will last years before requiring repairs or replacements. Plus, you get an entry and interior design that you love and appreciate.

Convenient Installation

Manufacturers preassemble custom swing doors with hinges to fit your entry space or room, so you don't have to take hours reading through manuals to figure out assembly. You get your custom swing door ready to install so you can start using it sooner.

Leave a Lasting Impression

You can leave your guests and customers in awe of your door with custom patterns, details and lectures. Imagine a bold interior door with a unique color palette and sophisticated hardware at the entry of your business. You can draw customer attention and improve your business.

Get the Perfect Fit

Getting a premade door that doesn't fit your room, closet, kitchen or entryway can delay your remodel. Disproportionate doors or gaps can compromise the look of your door and building. They can also let in drafts and impact your building or home's insulation and structural appeal. With custom swinging doors, you can cut, trim, shorten, widen or enlarge them to fit your space perfectly.

How Much Do Custom Interior Doors Cost?

Custom interior door prices depend on your level of customization. Some interior doors are fully customizable, while others offer limited configurations. You might pay more for fully inclusive customizations, like door size, material, color, pattern, design and hardware. You'll also have to consider the quality of the material and product when evaluating costs.

High-quality, durable materials and specialized artistry can cost more. Your door type, like luxury, classic or traditional, can also influence the cost of your custom swinging door.

Shop Custom Swinging Doors for Your Home and Business

A standard door might suit your home or business design, but a custom interior door can magnify your design, make a bold statement and stand the test of time. At Swinging Cafe Doors, we understand the importance of doors that offer comprehensive solutions, like aesthetics, quality, appeal, versatility and functionality.

We provide custom swinging doors to meet your every goal. Our team is committed to exceptional customer service and can help you find custom swinging doors perfect for your residential or commercial property.

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