How Tall Are Saloon Doors? | Best Height For Saloon Doors

How Tall Are Saloon Doors? | Best Height For Saloon Doors

Posted by Amanda On 15th Jun 2021

How Tall are Saloon Doors?

What is the perfect size for Saloon Doors? Do you need help determining the perfect height for your saloon doors?

Swinging Café Doors most popular sizes for saloon doors are 42” and 60” tall. Swinging Café Doors offers saloon doors in a variety of height options starting at 38” tall and most door design can be built as tall as 95”.

Things to consider when determining the best height for your saloon doors…

What are you trying to hide?

How much coverage do you need for your opening?

Do this to start…

  1. First measure the door opening to see the total space you are working with.
  2. Measure 15” from the floor. Most 42” tall saloon doors are installed between 15” to 20” off the floor.
  3. After measuring 15” off the floor, then measure up an additional 38”. This is the approximate location for the top of a 38” tall door. If you need additional coverage measure up 42”, 48”, 60” etc.
  4. Cut out a cardboard square for a height you selected to get a rough idea for coverage.
  5. For a traditional 80” tall door opening; if you were to install a 60” tall saloon door, we recommend that you split the difference for the gaps. That would leave 10” at the top and 10” at the bottom.
  6. For a bathroom entrance we recommend at least a 48” tall door at minimum to ensure proper coverage.

We will discuss saloon doors of different heights to help you determine the best height for your application.

Swinging Café Doors offers doors under 40” tall. The most popular height option under 40” is 38” tall. Saloon doors under 40” tall will provide privacy while allowing coverage for about 50% of a standard opening which is 80” tall. These doors are normally installed between 15” to 20” off the floor.

Photo shows 38” tall saloon doors installed:

Cottage Style Saloon Doors

Photo shows 34" tall saloon doors installed:

Ranch Raised Panel Saloon Doors

One of our most popular sizes is 42” tall saloon doors. We do sell our quick ship saloon doors in the 42” height options. These will allow for light, air, and conversation to flow but will cover the door opening as well. Again, these saloon doors are normally installed 15” to 20” off the floor. 

Photo shows 42" tall saloon doors installed:

Arch Top Farmhouse Saloon Doors

48" tall saloon doors are perfect for when 42" is not enough coverage and 60" is too much coverage. We also recommend 48" tall saloons as a minimum height for a bathroom entrance. 

Photo shows 48" tall saloon doors installed:

Cottage Style Saloon Doors

Country Arch Top Saloon Doors

Our most popular height is 60” tall. It offers great coverage for an affordable price. These 60” tall doors also allow for all hardware options and there is no need for recessing the hinges at this height for normal door opening sizes.  

Photo shows 60" saloon doors installed:

Barn Style Doors- Swinging Barn Doors Diamond Design

Full height options for Swinging Café Doors starts at 70”. We have from 70” to 95” tall saloon doors. This allows for full customization on the height and also to ensure enough gaps for the hardware. We offer full height doors that can have the hinges fully recessed into the doors to allow for a clean look, yet still allow for the hinge to swing in both directions and hold open. 

Full height Saloon Doors installed:

Modern Interior Doors- Slat Swinging Doors

Maritime Double Porthole Nautical Swinging Doors

So whatever size saloon door you prefer, Swinging Café Doors can make the door height you prefer.

Please note: When a door has an arch top or both arched top and bottom. The height is measure from the tallest point to the lowest point of the doors. Arched doors normally have between 2” to 3” difference in height from the arched to the non-arched side.