​What is a Bommer hinge & What are they used for?

​What is a Bommer hinge & What are they used for?

Posted by Amanda On 13th Jan 2023

What is a Bommer hinge & What are they used for?

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Bommer Industries is an American manufacturer, located in South Carolina. Bommer manufactures a wide variety of door hinges, offering high-quality, durable hinges for all your door hinge needs. Bommer offers a complete manufacturing line of butt hinges, single action spring hinges, double spring hinges, geared hinges, gate hinges, and specialty pivot hinges including double action pivot hinges. Bommer hardware can be used in both residential and commercial environments.

Bommer Industries was founded in 1876 by Lorenz Bommer. Bommer Industries uses American-made steel with all its hardware. They have been an industry leader in double action hinges for over 140 years. Swinging Café Doors is proud to offer Bommer hardware. Bommer offers a vast variety of hardware including a wide selection of finishes, styles, and decorative designs. All of which are high-quality durable hinges.

Bommer hinges are traditionally ball-bearing hinges or continuous hinges, a type of hinge that is designed to support heavy loads and provide smooth and consistent movement. It is often used in industrial and commercial applications where doors or gates need to be able to support heavy loads and open and close frequently.

Bommer hinges are composed of a series of ball bearings that are encased within the hinge leaves. These ball bearings allow for the hinge to rotate smoothly and consistently, reducing wear and tear on the hinge and on the door or gate. They are also designed to be able to support heavy loads, making them ideal for use in industrial and commercial settings where doors and gates need to be able to withstand frequent use and heavy loads.

Let's discuss the different Bommer hinges available:

Butt Hinges

Bommer Butt Hinge

Bommer is an industry leader with architectural-grade butt hinges. These butt hinges are made with high quality American steel and are architectural grade. Bommer butt hinges come in wide, high-quality finishes, sizes, and available options. A selection of plain bearing, ball bearing, or lube bearing hinges is available. Bommer butt hinges can be a five or three knuckle size with a wide variety of styles available in both sizes. When selecting a butt hinge, order the correct mortising option for your hinge, a full mortise or half mortise for example. Bommer also offers many additional tip, pin, security, electric, and anchor hinge options

Single Action Spring Hinge

Single Action Spring

Bommer is an industry leader in single action spring hinges. Bommer single action spring hinges can be residential or commercial grade, both with lubricated bearings. Bommer's wide selection of specialty hinges includes several hole patterns, several radii, and square designs, as well as stainless steel options. Bommer's large category will give you almost endless options, allowing you to purchase just the hinge that you need.

Double Action Spring Hinge

Bommer Double Action Spring

Bommer double action spring hinges will work well for saloon style doors, gates, or doors that need to self-return to the center. Bommer double action spring hinges are world-renowned. These double action spring hinges use a spring to allow the door(s) to open in either direction, automatically self-returning the door(s) to the center, and offer an adjustable spring tension. These spring hinges are offered in sizes from  3” to 8”, to accommodate almost all door sizes. The hardware offers a non-hold open feature making the hardware perfect for commercial use. Double action spring hinges work well in separate commercial spaces yet allow for easy of access to these locations.

Specialized Pivot Hinge

Bommer 7512

Again, Bommer offers a large variety of pivot hinges that also allow for double action hinges. The pivot hinges will allow the doors to swing open in both directions, allow the doors to automatically return to the center, and offer a hold open feature. Perfect for butler doors, saloon style doors, pantry doors, and swinging kitchen doors.

The Bommer 7800 series hinge is a very popular hinge line. These hinges allow for full height doors and still provide a double action feature, adjustable spring tension, automatically return the doors to the center, and offer a hold or non-hold open feature. This hinge style is perfect for butler doors, restaurant doors, and full-length swinging doors.

The Bommer 7500 series, is Swinging Café Doors best seller. These pivot hinges are perfect for saloon style doors. The  7512 hinge and 7514 hinge both allow for the hinges to swing in both directions, self-returns to the center and offer a hold and a non-hold open feature. These double action hinges work flawlessly with gravity, so no springs.

Bommer offers a large variety of hinges, many of which can be used as gate hinges, door hinges, etc. Bommer offers a wide variety of single and double action hinges, butt hinges, and specialty hinges.

What are Bommer hinges used for?

Maritime Nautical Porthole Doors

Bommer hinges can be used for almost all doors and door options, from residential to commercial applications. Bommer hardware can be used for a traditional door with its almost endless options of butt hinges. Bommer hinges are also used for high traffic commercial areas, their double action hinges are durable and will work for almost all commercial applications. Whether you are looking for a butt hinge, single action hinge, or a double action hinge, Bommer offers a hinge for your application.

Recently, Bommer Industries has increased lead time drastically. Swinging Café Doors is proud to offer several “best-sellers” in stock and ready to ship on the same or the next business day.  Each listing will list “availability”. We offer many different hinges and finishes in stock and ready to ship.

Bommer hinges are available in various sizes and finishes to suit the application's specific needs. They are often made of steel or aluminum for durability and can be coated with a variety of finishes, such as zinc, chrome, or stainless steel, to provide additional protection against wear and tear.

One of the main advantages of Bommer hinges is that they are designed to provide a smooth and consistent movement of the door or gate. This reduces the wear and tear on the hinge and the door or gate, which can prolong their lifespan. Additionally, their ability to support heavy loads makes them ideal for use in industrial and commercial settings, where doors and gates must withstand frequent use and heavy loads.