Which Wood is Better: Rustic Alder or Eastern White Pine?

Which Wood is Better: Rustic Alder or Eastern White Pine?

Posted by Amanda On 22nd Dec 2020

Which Wood is Better: Rustic Alder or Eastern White Pine for Western-Style Saloon Doors?

Looking for new swinging wood doors? Or are you interested in bringing your favorite saloon doors home?

Adding Western-style swinging doors to your kitchen adds personality to your home. This addition is an element your guests won't forget!

But, you may be asking yourself, "Which wood should I get?" It can be hard to know which wood to pick when you're beginning to look.

Two popular wood choices are Rustic Alder and Eastern White Pine. Below, we'll outline the benefits of each to see which wood is best for your swinging doors!

Personal Preferences

When it comes to buying wood for swinging doors, you need to think about your preferences. You can choose any type of wood, but first evaluating what you need saves time and energy!

Think About the Usage

You also need to think about where your swinging wood door will go. Will your swinging doors be in an area of the house with a lot of traffic? Do you have young children who will frequently use the doors?

Thinking about these things will help you decide if you'd like to use hardwood or softwood. It can also help you decide on what doors you want to build!

Think About Your Style

Does your kitchen have a theme? Or do you have lots of light woods in your home?

These are a few things to consider before picking a wood! Many kinds of wood can be stained darker, but you cannot lighten naturally dark wood.

If you would like a lighter look, choose a wood that is consistent. This means you don't need to stain it and the finish is the same all over the wood.

If you want a darker look, go for wood that absorbs stains easily. This information should be supplied by the seller when you go to buy your wood.

The Differences in Alder and Pine

To pick the best wood for your swinging doors, you need to know the available options! Rustic Alder and Eastern White Pine are two prominent choices.

Rustic Alder

Alder is a hardwood that grows in the Pacific Northwest region of America. It is light brown and has an even finish. It gives a classic look and is a popular choice for furniture.

This wood also holds stains well. To add a rustic look, use any stain that fits your home or a light coat of white paint.

Alder swinging doors will be durable and ideal for homes with many people.

Eastern White Pine

Pine is a beautiful softwood from the Eastern United States. It tends to have a more natural rustic look than Alder woods. Pine wood is more varied than alder and does not hold stains well.

Especially the Eastern White Pine, this wood can have a pale white tone, with green hues throughout. It is often used in log homes to provide a raw look.

Pine swinging doors may work best in lower-traffic areas since the softwood dents easily.

Which Wood Will Win?

Ultimately, the choice of which wood is better is up to you!

Both alder and pine have benefits that add character to your home. Contact us today to get a quote on your custom swinging doors!