5 Ways to Add Double Action Hinges to Your Home

5 Ways to Add Double Action Hinges to Your Home

Posted by Amanda On 23rd Mar 2023

5 Ways to Add Double Action Hinges to Your Home

Do you ever get frustrated with those choke points in your home where there is too much traffic and not enough space for people moving about the house?

There is a solution to that problem, and it's much simpler than you might think.

Double action hinges can help you make your home much more comfortable and easy to get around for everyone that lives there. Double action hinges, also known as hinges that swing both ways, are a popular option for in-house door hinges. These hinges allow doors to swing open and closed in both directions, making them ideal for high-traffic areas. To make a door swing both ways, a two-way hinge can be installed on the door. This type of hinge is commonly used for dog doors, as it allows the door to swing in and out for easy access. Hinges that go both ways are a great option for people who want to increase the functionality and convenience of their doors.

Here are five ways that you can add and utilize double action hinges in your home.

What is a Double Action Hinge?

A double-action hinge is a hinge that allows doors to swing both ways. When the doors are "closed", the hinge self-returns to center, swinging 180 degrees total, 90 degrees in either direction.

Double action hinges are great for interior doorways that members of the household will be going in and out of. It allows for traffic to flow smoothly in either direction without being hindered by a one-way door.

Once you walk through, the hinge will bring the doors back to neutral. This effectively "shuts" the door until someone walks through it again.

Double Action Hinges can be either a gravity hinge or a spring hinges. A gravity hinge uses gravity to pull the doors back to the closed postion. The gravity gives the hinge an easy swing and most of these hinges also offer a hold open feature.

Spring hinges use a spring to pull the door back to the closed position. Spring hinges are normally a non-hold open hinge, but do have the ability to increase or decrease the tension. Tension with double action hinges is tricky, as too much tension will cause the doors to swing shut with a lot of force. Conversely, too little tension will cause the doors to sag and look bad.

Benefits of Double Action Hinges

Double action hinges are increasing in use across the country and for good reason. They make great home doors for your interior or for your place of business because of the convenience that they provide.

They allow for versatile doors that are practical and appealing for multiple uses inside your home or place of business. Here are some of the benefits that double-action hinges can provide you.


Double action hinges allow for doors that do not require a doorknob to open. Have you ever had to carry something heavy through your home or work and encountered a door that opens via doorknob? It's disheartening and frustrating.

Imagine a door that not only will open without the need for a knob or a latch, but that will also close itself once you pass through.

Whether you own a restaurant and have employees carrying large trays back and forth, or you like to rearrange your home on a consistent basis, a double-action hinge makes daily life much more convenient.


A door that is attached to a double-action hinge provides a lot more privacy than an open doorway. They are a great fit for a restaurant or bakery where you don't want customers to have an open view of the kitchen.

They can also be versatile doors at providing privacy at your home between different areas of the house. Whether it is between the kitchen and the living room, or an entryway to the basement, they are a versatile and classy option.

Increased Ventilation and Light

Another benefit of double action hinges is that it allows for the flow of light and air to circulate through your home or place of business. This benefits your energy bill by keeping rooms from getting stuffy or requiring more light.

Five Ways You Can Use Double Action Hinges

There are a lot of applications for double action hinges inside of your home or place of business that can make entry and exit a breeze. Here are some classics that you might love.

1.) Saloon-Style Doors

Saloon-style doors are a great option for your home or place of business. They allow for light, air, and sound to flow through but provide a fair amount of privacy.

They can be used for the entrance to a bar, a bathroom, a home theater, a basement, or a wine room. They give a classy appearance to any part of your home. Whether you are looking for a traditional, barn style or modern style doors they are available as a saloon door.

2.) Swinging Barn Doors

Swinging barn doors are also great if you are looking to add a more rustic appearance to your home. They are larger and provide more privacy than saloon-style doors, but work in the same way.

They are a great option for the entrance to a bathroom, basement, kitchen, or pantry. A nice benefit for swinging barn doors is that they can mount right to an existing door frame making door installation a breeze.

3.) Pet and Baby Gates

Double action hinges are a great option for pet owners that want to put up a permanent gate for their dog or cat.

Because double action hinges allow for versatile doors, these gates can be mounted close to the floor to prevent your pet from scurrying under the doors.

They also function well as a baby gate. If you have a room that you want to keep your child confined to or out of, double action hinges are perfect for making a swinging door baby gate.

4.) Pantry Doors

Swinging doors are also perfect for use at the entry of a pantry or cupboard. They are a perfect mix between having the privacy a door grants but still having easy access to everything inside.

They also are a great option because they take up less space than a traditional door would, allowing for more storage and easier entry and exit.

5.) Master Bathroom Doors

A door on a double-action hinge is a great option for a master bathroom door. Since master bathrooms are connected only to the master bedroom, the same degree of privacy is not necessary as it would be for a normal bathroom.

A swinging door provides enough privacy that someone in the bedroom can't see in, but it is accessible enough that it's not an inconvenience when entering or exiting the bathroom.

Double Action Hinges in Your Home

Double action hinges can give your home an entirely new look, while also making it a more efficient place to move through. They make for versatile doors and gates of all kinds and can help take your home to the next level.

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