Select & Install The Perfect Custom Saloon Closet Doors

Select & Install The Perfect Custom Saloon Closet Doors

Posted by Amanda On 9th Jul 2021

How to Select and Install the Perfect Custom Saloon Doors for Your Closet

Would you like it if your closet felt like an important part of your home, that looked inviting and encouraged self-care? If your pantry was both accessible and an interesting feature of your kitchen?

You need something that's going to make your storage spaces look good without ever going out of style. A set of custom saloon doors, double swinging doors, can do just that.

Every little detail of the space you live in is vital to how you feel. From the pillow you sleep on to the doormat you walk across, everything can be curated to make your home somewhere you want to be... even the doors you choose for your storage spaces.

If you want everything in your home to come together and create a warm, welcoming environment, a set of swinging saloon doors is exactly what you need. This article will tell you how to select the perfect interior closet door(s) for your home, so keep reading below.

Consider Your Desired Aesthetic

As with any home renovation, the first thing you need to do is to figure out exactly what look you're aiming for in your space. After all, there's no use in buying a set of saloon doors that look out of place when the perfect set is out there waiting for you!

Different saloon door styles will work well towards creating certain looks. These saloon doors are referring to half doors, that swing in both directions and self return to the center.

If you're going for a rustic aesthetic look, consider a set of louvered doors. The slats on these doors are a staple in design. Though a timeless classic, they undoubtedly capture that rustic feeling that will help you achieve the aesthetic look you want.

For a more modern look, there are plenty of simple but beautiful modern interior doors, including many types of saloon doors. Those with flat paneling and fewer flourishes might suit a minimalist aesthetic.

Attention to detail like this will ensure your interior saloon doors look fantastic.

Each type of door can be made in colors and materials that suit your look, so if you find a set of saloon doors you love, don't be afraid to look into customization options.

Coordinate With Other Furniture

The perfect way to make sure that your saloon doors fit into your home seamlessly is to think about the rest of the room's furniture when you choose them.

This means matching the paneling to any cabinets in adjoining rooms. If your kitchen is full of contemporary-style cupboard doors, consider making your saloon doors match. You can even choose something different on purpose but find a way to link it to the other furniture, making it a statement feature in a room.

Whatever you choose to do, bear in mind the material you choose for your saloon doors. You can find care tips that will help you keep your saloon doors - and perhaps other wood in your home - in good condition.

Decide on Details for Your Custom Saloon Doors

The exact design of your interior saloon door can have a big difference in whether it works in your home.

The sizing of your saloon doors is your choice. Perhaps you'd like a set of full-length doors, or maybe you'd prefer some shorter ones that are more reminiscent of traditional saloon doors.

This could depend on the space you're getting them for. A walk-in closet might need full-length doors to give a private changing space. A pantry might be better suited to shorter doors that allow pleasant scents to draft into your kitchen.

Shorter doors might make your storage space even more inviting than just the bi-fold hinge system offers: a teasing view into a well-stocked pantry could make it intriguing and open.

Whichever you choose, saloon doors will give your storage space a revived sense of style.

It is important to consider whether or not you want any part of your paneling to provide a window into your closet or storage space. You can have fully opaque doors, doors with a glass panel, or doors with spindles that offer gaps to look through.

Your decision on this matter could be influenced by many things, from privacy down to how much light you'd like coming through.

Even the color you choose for your doors matters. Try to coordinate it with the rest of your room, and the doors will look right in place whilst giving a new look to your storage closets. You can also choose a bold bright color that will make the doors an accent for the room.

Saloon Door Installation Tips

Now that you've got the doors you want, it's time to install them. Remember these key things.

Measure carefully before attaching your hinges and brackets to the door and door jamb. Follow the directions, always predrill all holes, and measure twice.

Place the brackets at the height that will put your saloon doors where you want them. There's no real right or wrong, but if in doubt guidelines can be found online. Two sets of hands will help - someone can hold the door whilst the other person guides the hinges into the brackets.

For more installation tips and things to avoid, have a look at this article. Once you've finished reading, you're ready to get started.

Find Your Ideal Saloon Door Today

Now that you've read through all of these saloon door tips, you can get searching for the custom saloon doors that will give a new lease of life to your home.

Whether it's your kitchen pantry, living space, or just general storage, those formerly overlooked parts in your house can become exciting features that create interest and a sense of luxury. All you need to do is find the right saloon door style for you.

There's no time like the present to give your home that extra bit of love that will make it seem brand new. Take a look today at the saloon doors on the market and get a custom quote from the experts.