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​Sliding Barn Doors vs Swinging Barn Doors

​Sliding Barn Doors vs Swinging Barn Doors

On 9th Jun 2021

Sliding Barn Doors vs Swinging Barn Doors

Sliding Barn Style Doors

Sliding barn doors mount using traditional barn door hardware above the door opening.


Great styling and timeless functionality. Saves space in adjacent room eliminating swinging door function.


Sliding barn doors require large spaces for the doors to slide and rest when you want the doors open. If your door opening space is 36" wide, you will need an additional 40" of space beside your door for the door to rest. Sliding barn doors can be heavy to slide open and extra effort to slide the doors closed. Often requiring additional hardware to control the movement near the bottom of the sliding doors.

Swinging Barn Style Doors

Swinging barn doors are designed to give the same look as sliding barn doors but easier to install and operate. Swinging barn doors install into the current door opening. Swinging barn doors are available in many height options. Swinging barn style doors require minumum hardware and nothing mounted above the door jamb. Swinging barn doors include double action hinges (hold open and non-hold open available), so the doors automatically return to center, no sliding required. Swinging barn doors mount to the current door jamb or opening so no additional wall space is required. Swinging barn doors are available in the popular barn style door designs.


Swinging barn style doors use the existing opening, and don't require extra spacing for sliding the barn door(s). Swinging Barn Doors can be made a single or double set of barn doors.

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